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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF | AFM

New York City, NY | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Electronic




"Turbo Goth Destroy Us All is an Album You Have to Have"

Electro music hasn’t sounded this cool since Air’s Moon Safari "Kelly Watch the Stars." , Destroy Us All is probably the closest I’ll ever get to riding in a spaceship.

Destroy Us All is filled to the brim with some of the best bass lines I’ve heard, ambient synths, precision drum tracks, awesome guitar riffs, emotional lyrics, and the occasional piano. If the phrase ‘beautifully aggressive’ doesn’t mean anything to you, then it will after you listen to this! The album has SERIOUS attitude, but never loses its heart and soul in the process.

-Steven Holt (Policymic.com) - Policymic.com

"Music: A review of Turbo Goth at Baybeats 2011"

"Some energy that must have been, to have set Paolo into a raging frenzy of movements reminiscent of good old Wilko Johnson! While on the other part of the stage, Sarah was making movements that made her seem like a mannequin coming to life and singing on stage, The fact that she looked and dressed like a doll accentuated this even further. "
- Terry Tan, Esplanade Youths (Aug 25, 2011) - Esplanade Youths

"Turbo Goth surges forward with “Destroy Us All”"

"Turbo Goth is also a totally different animal live. Paulo Peralta is a madman on the guitar and is absolutely a dynamo when he’s playing a set. Sarah Gaugler on the other hand is the perfect counter point – she’s already gorgeous so it’s amazing that she has an incredible knack for showmanship."
- Russ Davis, Splinter.com (May 08, 2011) - Splinter.com

"Venus Flytrap"

"Those who have heard of Turbo Goth, a Manila based Electro duo, know that they are best known for the crazy energy they bring to their live performances. Driven by heavy beats, distorted bass synths, noise filled guitar, and light and icy vocals, the two lull the audience into their hypnotic groove."
- Tony Rago, BakitWhy.com (Feb 28, 2012) - Bakitwhy.com


"Music fans have already gotten used to seeing just two people onstage making as much noise – if not more – as your typical three-, four-, or five-piece rock band and not feeling shortchanged by the experience, as long as these duos gave a good show. And give a good live show is what Turbo Goth does quite consistently, with singer Sarah Gaugler enthralling audiences with her deadpan expressions and model-esque goodlooks, while guitarist/Electribe operator Paolo Peralta bashes away on his Telecaster in the midst of successive spastic bodily contortions. "
- Jason Caballa, Pulp Magazine - PULP Magazine

"Putting Glam And Indie Spirit Back In Rock"

"It reminds me of that scene from Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” where mad scientist Rotwang brings his robot wife Maria to life amid the humming and crackling of Tesla coils."
- Eric S. Caruncho, Philippine Daily Inquirer (Jun 11, 2011) - Philippine Daily Inquirer

"Turbo Goth – Destroy Us All (2011)"

"Turbo Goth are unique. There I said it! They are unique in the local scene, they play music that is damn interesting and have a swagger reminiscent of Goldfrappe and the White Stripes. It was a real pleasure then listening to their debut album “Destroy Us All” released earlier this year because it just ticked all the right boxes for what I look for in electronic rock. Once again an unsigned band that is forging ahead with a great sound and a powerful image."
- MARCUSD, Headfonics (Aug 28, 2011) - Headfonics


Destroy Us All
Jan 2011

Venus Flytrap: Descend To Destroy
Apr 2011

Feb 2013

Coastal Catastrophe
Feb 2013



TURBO GOTH is an Electronic Rock Band from the Philippines circa 2008. Composed of PAOLO PERALTA (on guitars, drum beats, and electronic sampler) and New York Tattoo Artist/Freelance Illustrator/Model, SARAH GAUGLER (on lead vocals) instagram (@sarahgaugler)

Music by Turbo Goth is Electronic- Rock music with distorted bass synths backed by aggressive heavy beats, and punk-jazz noise guitars, stitched together by light icy vocals. Live performances have not only drawn the attention of music lovers but also the attention of art enthusiasts, and photographers due to the spontaneity of Paolos crazy unexpected dance moves and Sarahs monumental poses as they play. Hardworking, theyre eager to play anywhere and everywhere, ready to conquer any stage.

Turbo Goth performed at Baybeats Festival 2011 Singapore, at CAMA Festival 6 2012 in Hanoi Vietnam, International showcasing artist for SXSW 2014 in Austin Texas CMJ 2015 Music Marathon in New York, Move Music Festival 2016 in Albany New York, Northside Musicfestival in Brooklyn 2016, Indieweek 2016 in Toronto, SXSW official showcase 2017.

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