New York City, New York, USA

Turbo Goth is an electronic rock duo formed in Manila Philippines now in New York. Known for their high gloss stylish fashion and very high energy performance.


TURBO GOTH is an Electronic Rock Band from the Philippines circa 2008. Composed of PAOLO PERALTA (on guitars, drum beats, and electronic sampler) and New York Tattoo Artist/Freelance Illustrator/Model, SARAH GAUGLER (on lead vocals) instagram (@sarahgaugler)

Music by Turbo Goth is Electronic- Rock music with distorted bass synths backed by aggressive heavy beats, and punk-jazz noise guitars, stitched together by light icy vocals. Live performances have not only drawn the attention of music lovers but also the attention of art enthusiasts, and photographers due to the spontaneity of Paolos crazy unexpected dance moves and Sarahs monumental poses as they play. Hardworking, theyre eager to play anywhere and everywhere, ready to conquer any stage.

Turbo Goth performed at Baybeats Festival 2011 Singapore, at CAMA Festival 6 2012 in Hanoi Vietnam, International showcasing artist for SXSW 2014 in Austin Texas CMJ 2015 Music Marathon in New York, Move Music Festival 2016 in Albany New York, Northside Musicfestival in Brooklyn 2016, Indieweek 2016 in Toronto, SXSW official showcase 2017.


Venus Flytrap

Written By: Turbo Goth

You look me in the eye
And caught you by surprise
I know you are good to go
oh baby
I don't mind you saving me
Here we go
Here we go

Venus flytrap

Written By: sarah Gaugler

You look me in the eye
And caught me by surprise
I know your good to go

Oh baby I don't mind you saving me
Here we go, here we go


Destroy Us All
Jan 2011

Venus Flytrap: Descend To Destroy
Apr 2011

Feb 2013

Coastal Catastrophe
Feb 2013

Set List

Farfalla Vendetta
Venus Flytrap
Short Circuit Mirage
Hanging On The Watch
The Fire Of Prince Vincent
New Star Energy
Julio Polet