Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

Turboghost is a three piece band from Arkansas that plays alternative rock, or indie, music. As a three member unit their main inspiration has been from bands like The Police and Nirvana. Their sound is modern and much different than the typical radio rock of today. Very danceable and fun!


Although the name was only made official in the late part of 2010, the music and mission of Turboghost has been taking shape in the hearts of it's members for the better part of the last decade. Turboghost is a collaborative effort between (in alphabetical order) Hunter Eastin, Derek Merrell, and David Schneider, all of the Fort Smith, Arkansas area. The project has been given comparisons to the critically acclaimed alternative acts The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Smashing Pumpkins, but ask anyone who has witnessed their fiery performances and you'll be told that this is nothing like a three piece band you've ever heard. Dedicated to making truly original music from the start, their main intention has been to push the creative boundaries of "rock" music - a genre so broad and diluted that music like Turboghost's seems to emanate like a laser cannon out of the crowd. Their focused pop sensibilities have allowed them to craft a collection of songs that are never self indulgent, never comfortable, and never apologetic. These cannot be called love songs - these are songs that say what you've always been afraid to. Their brash brand of no-nonsense music has begun to kick it's way through the mid south United States and beyond, and Turboghost is a band so dedicated to their craft and pursuit that they'll not stop until they are singing you to sleep.


Self released single "Rompus Radio" has received airplay in their hometown of Fort Smith, AR as well as at various college radio stations throughout the country. The band is currently working on finalizing the material for their first official release.