TurboPro Project

TurboPro Project

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Banjo meets hip hop and visits jazz, funk, rock, classical, and other friends along the way, resulting in something fresh and exciting.


This band's unique lineup starts with banjo and turntables and adds upright bass sprinkled with vocals and keys to create a sound like no other. Their freshman CD, "Daydream", features a ground breaking mixture of banjo playing styles with a hip hop groove.


"Daydream", 2008, self released

Set List

Varies, depending on set length(s)/venue.

Sample includes:

Originals: The majority of the set is comprised of originals; Daydream, FLOO-id, Java Groove, vocals etc.

Covers: The few covers we do are arranged to fit our style; Banjo vrs. Turntables, Cluck Old Hen, Rockit, etc.