TURBOTRONICS: Sexy and hilarious electro power pop by 'Turbo', founder of the popular NYC band, Sexy Champions. Music video "International" was shot on two continents and an airplane in flight. Critics pick Time Out NY, Annex debut. Three songs licensed by MTV for nationally aired commercials.


Born out of an uncontrollable urge to expose his deepest desires while rocking stadiums, Turbo's new project, TURBOTRONICS is hilarious, sexy and catchy as hell. A mutation of the popular NYC band, Sexy Champions, Turbo's new music has been described as fresh, urbane, original, ridiculous and fun. Turbotronics songs are about crushes, corporate ladies, sexy librarians, skinny bitches and yoga boners. Turbo and his partner in crime, Wild Ginger, write/direct/produce of all of their music videos, including the new music video for "International," which was shot on an airplane in flight, in Paris, Rome, New York and San Francisco. Turbotronics has thus far licensed three songs for nationally aired MTV commercials, and is looking forward to the release of their debut album entitled, "Love Slave," out in September.


Debut self-released album 'Love Slave': (Out in September)

Set List

Sets 30-45 minutes, 10-12 songs.