TurbulenT Flow

TurbulenT Flow


TurbulenT Flow: Movement in which sub currents display turbulence, moving in irregular patterns, while the overall flow is in one direction.IF HIGH ENERGY ROCK IS WHAT YOU WANT, TURBULENT FLOW IS WHAT YOU NEED. If you wanna rock, hop on the TurbulenT Flow Ride.


Fluid in Definition and in sound, TurbulenT Flow is moving in a definite direction.
Over the past 3 years, a new style, a new song, a new sound has been flowing through the veins and embodied through members Jess (Lead Vocals), Elliot (Lead Guitar/Vocals), James (Bass/Keys/Vocals) and Mike (Drums), The 4 performers in TurbulenT Flow. Unstoppable is their ability to commit to the music, dedicating their time to the craft with unstoppable virtue. Influenced heavily by the sounds of past generations, TurbulenT Flow is fighting for a new age of music that isn’t written to fit into a framed up box, but written to enspire, to enlighten, and to enjoy. TurbulenT Flow sets itself apart with high energy performances and a keen sense of what the audience wants. Though their sound is untainted by the medias big,hairy claws scooping down to drag them to conformity, they say nay and fight them with the force of 20 bands all in this one powerhouse of an experience. Their direction is clear, and their passion is envious, TurbulenT flow is ready to rock, do you want to hop on the rid?


All the Same

Written By: TurbulenT Flow

Walk past me on the street, you'd never know i sing or i hold a beat you know

drive past me in the car, i'll never know who you are oh who you are you know

don't prejudge our art, you know we're not the same oh we're not the same you know

take time to set us apart, you know we're not the same oh we're not the same you know

we all live our lives in a little world
but if you take the time unlock your mind your eyes will see their world

Stop and Rewind

Written By: Turbulent Flow

Watch out for me i'm new in town
I wanna rock no time to stop
Listen to the words i say listen up listen up
Get out of the Way
It's our time to play

A fresh new start my morning face
it's time for me to do this my way
so here's a tune to blow your mind
We don't stop and Rewind
We don't waste no time

Moved on from here moved over there
We got no worries we got no cares
But now we're here and in control
We will rock and Roll
Pay up pay the toll

We rock it up we party down
get up and dance to our funky sound
lose your mind get in the groove
this band is fucking smooth
get into the groove

The Future

Written By: Turbulent Flow

Theres one line to walk before you cross dividing seas
it's time to swim or lose your choice to choose what you come to be
you grow up one way and then you say you know what's true
take care and be aware or you'll get just whats coming to you
you're gunna get whats coming to you

don't dwell on the future you'll get lost in your head
stop wasting time day dreaming in your bed
live in the present thats all you can do
if you live in the future time is wasted on you

when you think of life do you think just about yourself
swimming through your riches from extraordinary wealth
keep on dreaming you'll stay just where you are
take action to succeed it's not just the thinking part



"Stop and Rewind EP" released September 2009

We are currently working on a new project and single projects. More singles are estimated to be released in December 2009.

Set List

Typical Set Length- 10 minutes to 4 hours (whatever you need!)

We have around 50 original compositions that we mix into a set list depending on the style, length and vision of the show. No matter how long or short the performance, we can perform. We have played shows that are 10 minutes we have played shows and events for 4 hours straight, it's up to the venue or host.

Typical covers- We can play ANYTHING your heart desires.

Examples of Classic Rock Covers:
Come Together- The Beatles
Crazy Train- Ozzy
Comfortable Numb- Pink Floyd
Barracuda- Heart
Hotel California- The Eagles

and thats a smalll example

90's Covers:
Can't Stop- RHCP
What i've got- Sublime
Beautiful Disaster- 311
Amber- 311

again a smalll example of 90's covers

We have also done many parties where all of the covers are requested, and that has included music from all genres including No Doubt, Outkast, Rap songs gone rock, etc.

We are versatile and can adapt to any and all situations