Turdus Musicus

Turdus Musicus


"It's when you're crawling between the monitors, all sweaty and adrenalized like a suicidal base-jumper, with band members crowd-surfing above you, you truly realise the greatness of this rock institution. - random reviewer


Named "BEST NORWEGIAN LIVE ROCK ACT EVER!" by Scandinavia's biggest rockzine, Monster Magazine and recently having released "PERHAPS ONE OF THE RADDEST NORWEGIAN ROCK ALBUMS TO THIS DAY", suitingly called "ROCKCOLLAPSE" (2007, Intimate Records), Norway's TURDUS MUSICUS are nothing short of a live phenomenon with their highly explosive and innovative hardcore brew.

The sound is cut from a diverse diamond, taking root in metal-inspired hardcore, like Sick Of It All and D.R.I. Add a larger dose of post-HC/Indie (At The Drive-In, Rival Schools), a touch of early emocore/screamo (Thursday, Grade) and shake it up with 90's Alt. metal like Snot, Deftones and Helmet, and you will have a sound similar to TURDUS MUSICUS.

TURDUS MUSICUS has gained international exposure through various surf-/skate- and snowboard films, and in America through heavy rotation on FUEL TV. They've toured Norway with death-punk superstars Turbonegro, Chasey Chaos of Amen calls them a "GREAT FUCKIN' BAND!" and snowboard legend Shawn "The Fizz" Farmer has blatantly stated that "THESE DUDES ROCK!".


Intimate Noise EP (Fuckin' North Pole Records) 2001
The Bonfire Sessions (LTD) 2004
Here Goes! (Intimate Records/Bonnier Amigo) 2004
Rockcollapse (Intimate Records/Bonnier Amigo) 2007

Set List

Anything from 15 minutes to 90 minutes sets.
Let Music, Viva La Resilience, This Is Your Call, Give Up, Decadance, The Spark, Rockcollapse Now!, Disco, Fashion Show, Here Goes!