Turkkk da Cheffff

Turkkk da Cheffff

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Turkkk da Cheffff is a young street cat that happens to have a passion for music. My music is different from anybody i have heard. Sure i hit some of the concepts that has been hit before. But no one has made music that sounds like mine which is raw and gutta with the right choice of words.


I come from Chattanooga,Tn were the only known music artist is Usher. Not to much of the world know much about the rap side of Chattanooga. If you have heard of some rap artist from Chattanooga he wasn't me nor do he even compare. My influences consist of alot of Southern Artist ( past, present and future)


look out for "Street Nigga" and "Getting It Off Topp"

Set List

I don't have one. I love to perform so i guess i depends on how long you want me on your stage. Because i would stay up there all nite if you let me.