Turk Leonard One Man Band

Turk Leonard One Man Band

 Bridgeport, Ohio, USA
BandCountryClassic Rock

I do a one man band act for clubs, parties, weddings and functions of all kinds. I've played cruise ships, riverboats,bars, hotels,and just about anything imaginable wanting a diversity of music. Country, Classic Rock, Oldies,and Standards from the 40s are amoung the genres and requests are welcome.


Turk Leonard is an accomplished musician and vocalist. With over forty years of experience entertaining audiences of all types, you can be confident that he is up to any task at hand. His broad vocal range and musical ability has allowed him to captivate audiences and please even the most difficult of critics.

Turk arranges all of his music. With over six hundred songs, he has spent much time building his repertoire. But what you get is a phenomenal sound. When performing live Turk plays the guitar along with the tracks so it is truly a "live" performance and as much like a live band sound as possible. There is no compromise in sound quality or repertoire, while still providing a visual focus, atmosphere and a dynamic live show which you just don't get from a DJ.

Turk's ability to change genres mid- stream is an added feature to his performances. From Sinatra to the Beatles, from Mannilow to the Eagles, from the Rock and Roll era to the best crooners of yesterday, Turk is able to make the transition flawlessly. Nothing can capture the essence of Turks sound like a live performance.

On my web sites, there are links to my videos and a song list on the first page as well as some photos. Requests are welcomed and encouraged during one of Turk's shows, and usually satisfy all.


I havce a CD released in 1997 called Dusty Old Road