Turk Pipkin - "One Peace at a Time"

Turk Pipkin - "One Peace at a Time"

 Austin, Texas, USA

Turk Pipkin, filmmaker, actor, and founder of The Nobelity Project is a man on a mission.  His motivating films address some of the most challenging issues facing humanity by seeking out the inspiring words and work of Nobel Laureates, global leaders, cultural icons and community activists. 


A long time screen presence (Sopranos, Friday Night Lights, A Scanner Darkly, Waiting For Guffman...) Turk has now stepped behind the camera to focus on the leaders of global change.  A comic for many years Turk's presentations are very enjoyable explorations of intense subjects: Global health, poverty, water rights, the environment, HIV/AIDS, access to education.


NOBELITY-feature documentary / short films-Big Changes-online short film series / ONE PEACE AT A TIME-feature doc releasing Spring 2009 / Tao of Willie-life lesson book with Willie Nelson / Old Man and the Tee-stories of finding his father in himself through the game of golf

Set List

The keystone of Turk's presentations are his films of The Nobelity Project: NOBELITY, short films, and the upcoming documentary titled ONE PEACE AT A TIME. Groups may watch a full length film and follow with Q&A or Turk can intersperse video selections from all his films throughout his lecture on a set of topics.