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Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Turk Tresize: Soul Casino Review"

Australian born and raised Turk Tresize is a fresh and down-to-earth artist who crosses genre lines and barriers to create music that is powerfully refreshing, bringing bright and diverse flavors to the blues rock scene, embracing southern rock and country as well as his blues rock inspiration. His sound is entirely unique; influences range from AC/DC to Hank Williams Jr. to Black Sabbath. Soul Casino is undoubtedly a well-crafted piece of work, complete with enchanting harmonizations, interesting instrumentations, and the raspy, gravelly vocals of Tresize, which carry the music by means of his passion for the bluesy tales being told. Turk Tresize has something so inspiring to offer; his raw talent and breathtakingly beautiful compilations will not go unnoticed.

Soul Casino begins with “Daddy Wazza Roller,” a seemingly personal account of his father’s struggles with alcohol. The song is undeniably catchy, upbeat, and blues driven, and is complete with the favorable harmonica. The next four tracks are more mellow in their nature. The second track, “Direction,” has a nearly ominous sound and is a song that seems more purely and classically rock inspired. The song is about losing one’s sense of purpose and embracing the feeling of being so lost. “Karma Wisdom” similarly gives off the southern rock vibe, complete with wholesome harmonies and wailing guitars. “Da Wheel” has a somewhat pop-rock like quality, and a soft, pretty, female voice supports Tresize’s in both this tune and in “Nice to Know,” which also embodies a very laid-back quality, one which is almost angelic. This background vocalist plays a part in much of the album.

“Miles ‘n’ Miles” picks up the pace a bit and incorporates a really unique mix of sounds and instruments, and yet Tresize makes them work so well together. In turn, this song is one of the most musically creative on the album. “Rollin’” is a track with a groovy bass line, a steady beat, and a fabulous rock-and-roll prowess. Any listener would be so inclined to rock on. “Wasted” is a song about just that — being wasted. Consistent guitar licks and riffs, a heavy and upbeat tempo, and passionate vocals make this song nearly a rock ‘n’ roll staple. “Held a Rose” is a gorgeous track carried by an uplifting melody which is interestingly so fitting in contrast with its sad story. Finally, “West on Train” starts out with a quiet, controlled verse and subsequently surprises the listener with a bold, rock ‘n’ roll chorus. The song fades out, and the album ends quietly.

Turk Tresize embodies such raw talent and an obvious love for what he does. While listening to Soul Casino, it feels as though one is slowly discovering such a respectable and enlightening musician and artist, just as he himself discovered his love and passion for music many years ago in his Australian homelands. Soul Casino is an admirable album, the songs embodying many of the qualities which make it so.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

- Direction
- Rollin’
- Held a Rose

The Big Hit

- Held a Rose

Review by Jill Jacobs - Blues Rock Review

"Getting to Know: Aussie Roots Rocker, Turk Tresize"

In today’s Getting to Know, we meet the colourful Turk Tresize, an Aussie roots rocker that always has many musicians jumping aboard his stage.

Band Members: Turk Tresize and friends
Years Active: 1 (as a solo artist), 10+ as a musician
City of Origin: Cannons Creek (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia

Who are you and what do you do?
“My name is Turk and I am a dude that lives out on a farm in Australia. I enjoy writing and performing songs.”

In 100 words or less, tell us how your band has gotten to this point?

“The solo thing developed after traveling around the planet as a musician with other bands for about ten years. I decided things needed to go further because I felt I had something to give on the song writing side. I decided to build a studio so I could write and record my songs and also to attract musicians that did the same. I went to Nashville and found a team to put things together and take it to a higher level. Now, I am thinking I can take things to ‘stage three’ and hopefully achieve what I set out to do.”

What is your latest release and how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your band?

Soul Casino is my debut album. I’d say it’s collective and a bit diverse, but within the brackets of classic rock. Add a sprinkle of country and blues feel over it. It’s a heartfelt and positive listen to anyone. So far, the feedback I have gotten seems to be that the honesty of the songs really grabs people’s attention.”

When making the album, which aspect of the process do you put the most time in and why?

“I would have to say that song writing is probably where I spend most of my time. It’s pretty hard for me to gauge what part takes the longest though. Each song and album is different, so the process is a bit different each time.”

What is the best part of your band and why?

“The fact that it’s just me,” laughs.

What makes your band unique from the rest?

“I’d say the fact that you never know who you are going to get when you come to see me. I play with a different band in America than I do in Australia. I also collaborate with a lot of different musicians who tour with me and play on the recordings.

“So far I have had a lot of luck getting to play with some great artists. A lot of them are of great caliber and are really well known. To me that is probably the most unique and interesting part of all the bands that I play with.”

How does your band survive the challenges of touring/gigging?
“They don’t,” laughs. “I’m surprised we’re still alive.”

Would you rather be critically-acclaimed; rich and famous; or an under the radar band with a dedicated fan base?

“That’s a trick question isn’t it? If you took famous off of the ‘rich and famous,’ that’d be cool. I’d want rich and critically acclaimed. That way, I still am under the radar with a dedicated fan base. Nah, fuck that, give me all three!”

If you’d have to compare your band to another one out there, living or dead, who would it be and why?

“I have a lot of different styles. I’m really not the person to answer that. I’ll never be one to say I sound like a particular person or band. I think that one’s up to everyone else to answer…not me.”

Which band/musician would you like to share many drinks with? What would you talk about?

“All of ‘em and everything!” - RiffYou

"Turk Tresize "Soul Casino" (8.5/10)"

Artists like Australia’s Turk Tresize are unique. At least as of lately they are. While there are a few artists that heavily wear their blues influence on their sleeve, Turk is different. With his mixture of some blues, some country, some soul and add in some total badass song writing, his appropriately titled album Soul Casino provides some excellence in originality and a fearlessness to step outside of the box.

Opening track Daddy Wazza Roller is a good example of how out of the box the album can get. Acoustic guitars and harmonicas fill up speakers to the point where you hardly notice the standard rock band instruments (drums, bass, and electric guitar) but I think the best part of the song is the slide guitar. The slide guitar is an art I’ve grown to appreciate so much more since the past summer, and it is played pretty darn well on this track.

The following track, Direction is more of a standard blues rock song. The pace is a little faster but the tempo is soft. The guitar sound remains crunchy and Turk’s voice, which has just the perfect amount of rasp to it, but he can craft it so well into a beautiful cry when he needs to, such as in many parts of this song. This is pretty much his singing style throughout the album, but with different songs backing his voice, like the slow blues track Karma Wisdom and the soulful following track Da Wheel, which is the first truly beautiful soft song on the album.

The album does have an all around soft feel to it, nothing too heavy and nothing too hard. Da Wheel is followed by an equally beautiful track called Nice to Know, this time featuring more acoustic guitars and fewer organs, unlike the previous track. Held A Rose is the last of these soulful ballads, this song specifically shows more country influence than the previous two.

Then there is a song like Miles ‘n’ Miles which I can’t categorize. Essentially the song is an acoustic song with a simple bass drum beat. It’s accompanied by a wide number of sound effects that just make the song sound like it’s coming straight from a hard working farm boy. This isn’t a soft song like Da Wheel or Nice to Know, but it isn’t a hard rock song, it’s like a neo-country track that I find strangely appealing.

The album does have its meat to it. Rollin’ has that roadhouse blues attitude that I love so much, with a hard driving guitar riff, great harmonized vocals and that slide guitar I love so much. The song shows that Turk can make a song with electric guitars just as well as he can make a song with acoustic guitars. Wasted keeps the badass feel of Rollin’, but calms it down to something more similar to Soul Casino’s opening tracks.

The album ends with a song that I feel sums up the album pretty well. West On Train is primarily acoustic, with other instruments chiming in as the song goes forward, but at no point is the song soft. The song brings one last chance to hear fine vocal melodies and a band that infuses country and blues just so well. This is one of those closing tracks that I feel couldn’t have been better picked, because if a listener of Soul Casino truly liked the album, this song would leave them wanting more.

Turk Tresize has such a believable way of delivering his music. You can hear it in his voice that he’s likely singing from experience. Even though influences are ever present in his song writing, he becomes the songs so well that you really do believe that he’s lived his songs. I don’t see why any fans of raspy voiced blues/country influenced rock wouldn’t enjoy Soul Casino.


“Karma Wisdom” –­ Not one of the soft songs on the album, but not one of the completely badass roadhouse songs; Karma Wisdom falls in the middle, which is exactly the kind of song I love to proclaim the highlight. The song has a nice bluesy riff and rhythm with soulful singing. It has a soft nature to it, but that is well hidden by the rhythm of the song, which makes this the perfect highlight.


8.5 (Out of 10) - Rock Review Phil

"Album Review: Turk Tresize – ‘Soul Casino’"

The quicker you realise how easily life can deal you the hard card, the quicker you can be prepared for the next blow that tries to turn your world upside down. Artists of the modern era are finding it increasingly difficult to shine through, with most laying flat at the first couple of bumps in the road. However, for Australian born Turk Tresize, growing up on his family’s farm has taught him not only the true value of success, but how unbreakable your self belief must be to persevere and achieve your goal.

Influenced in his younger years by bands such as Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Tresize discovered a deep passion to create music through his insane guitar skills and his distinctive, killer voice. In the years that followed the self-discovery of his amazing talent, Tresize built a DIY recording studio in a milking shed on his family’s farm. The sheer simplicity of recording in a milking shed parallels the almighty Foo Fighters’ decision to record ‘Wasting Light’ in their front man, Dave Grohl’s garage. ‘Wasting Light’ claimed the number one spot in more than eleven countries due to its ‘back to basics’ approach; footsteps that Tresize will perhaps be able to follow one day.

The milking shed recording studio paid off in the form of the fantastically heart-felt debut album, entitled ‘Soul Casino’. Tresize’s hard work and dedication trickles through the back bones of this album, specifically heard on powerful bluesy opening track ‘Daddy Wazza Roller’. The opening track creates a deeply moving air of sophistication to the album, presenting a delicate subject that is highly relatable to a wide audience.

‘Karma Wisdom’ and ‘Rollin’’ present the much more colourful, rocky side to Tresize and cements his status as a future true rock n’ roll star. ‘Rollin’ lets us see the true talent of this man, through the elongated slide guitar solo which has been subtly complimented with the projected, ringing of the tambourine. Tresize has managed to master this common pairing ingeniously, keeping the album fresh and alive.

The flame of life is set alight on ‘Direction’, where Tresize’s gruff vocals make its prominent scald on the listener. For his first solo recording, the professionalism and originality of the heart-warming vocal performances are simply mesmerising. Mirroring the performance on ‘Direction’ is ‘Held a Rose’; a beautiful combination of sadness and longing, presented perfectly through Tresize’s harmonious voice.

The album itself speaks volumes, with waves of nostalgic memories from the heart of Turk Tresize’s mind, creating vivid images and evoking deep feelings inside the listener. It’s impossible to listen to this album and not revel in the power that radiates from inside it. A debut this special should not go unnoticed.

Turk Tresize’s debut album ‘Soul Casino’ is available to buy from here: http://turktresize.spinshop.com/details/210515

Ella Scott - Gigslutz

"Soul Casino / Turk Tresize review by Kevin Harvey"

Listening to Turk Tresize's first solo recording, “Soul Casino,” brings several things to mind. The first being, if you're old enough to notice - or if you've been doing your homework - are the echoes of the Rod Stewart era Faces. And I say this as someone who loved that version of the Faces. One then thinks: Stewart mattered for a time. Followed by: He stopped mattering a long time ago. Followed quickly by: This Turk Tresize guy matters.

"Soul Casino" is a recording for that group of people who wonder where the sound and attitude of "Long Player" and the passion and creativity of "Let it Bleed" went. It's a disc for those people who despaired of ever hearing Rock n' Roll played again by anyone under 70. Like all classic recordings it opens and closes with tracks written and played to tear the wall down, but for me, it's Karma Wisdom, which would have fit nicely on "Let It Bleed," or the lovely Nice to Know, followed by the West on Train that fill out the record.
Da Wheel, the best tune on the record, reminded me of Peter Wolf's "Sleepless" album, a record called one the 100 best ever made by Rolling Stone.

Turk Tresize is a true artist working classical veins without ever sounding like a retread. Buy "Soul Casino." It answers the question of where real Rock n' Roll, blended with the bottle neck reverberations of the C&W stuff that mattered, went to hide: Australia. - Muddy Water Magazine


Miles 'n' Miles was a surprising listen for me. Or rather I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'll never completely disparage an entire genre but southern-sensibilities rock and roll doesn't really do it for me. But Turk Tresize is on to something. It has a slight novelty value, since Tresize grew up in Australia, but the album was recorded in Nashville, TN.

The EP is five tracks of lovingly crafted, soused-up electrified, countrified tales of loss, deprivation, perseverance and love is somewhere in there (of women, of whiskey…). Tresize's voice is a twilight cocktail of the last shot of happy hour and the first lover's spat when you drive back home. He's usually aggressive, but can tone it down no problem. "Direction" captured my attention with Tresize's gentle but stout delivery. He even breaks his voice in the chorus, and his voice is an ear-catching contrast to the background vocal harmonies.

The music is just as great, Tresize is very skilled at guitar playing, and his ear for musical structure is just as adroit. The title track is a shuffling, quiet number that draws its strengths from Tresize's voice over dusty, scrubbed guitar chords and slight percussion. "Karma Wisdom" is more bombastic, using more instruments and producing more of a hard rock sound. "Wasted" follows suit, but it’s the final track, "West On Train” featuring Brittany Howard that solidifies my enjoyment of this album. It is a blistering, raw number that uses searing guitar licks, bar room percussion, and the impressive counter voice of Howard. Together she and Tresize spin an escapist yarn you won't soon forget, even getting some Rolling Stones musicality toward the final minute of the track.

Again, Miles 'n' Miles was a pleasantly surprising listen. I should try this open-minded thing a bit more often. - The Equal Ground


Nashville, Tenn.— Australian roots rock artist Turk Tresize will release his debut album Soul Casino on October 15. A follow-up to his EP Miles ‘N’ Miles, Soul Casino was produced by Andrija Tokic (Bomb Shelter – Nashville, Alabama Shakes) and features guest-backing vocals on several tracks from the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard.

“Close your eyes, go back 30 years, then add a bit of today and a whole lot of soul. You have Turk,” said Stuart Ward, Randy Houser’s Production Manager/FOH.

In support of the album, Tresize will embark on a U.S. tour, which kicks off at the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan on October 17 and finishes at Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood, CA on November 8. Tresize will be joined by Nashville-based blues/rock band The Graysmiths on several of the dates.

Giving a promising look into Tresize’s future as an artist, the album is a compilation of bluesy rock tunes that emphasize Tresize’s edgy sound, raw vocals, strong ability for storytelling and profound approach to themes about the tumultuousness of life. Although Tresize cites many musical and songwriting influences ranging from Chris Cornell to Hank Williams, Jr., he avoids being pigeonholed. He has truly created a sound that is pure ‘Turk.’

“Turk brings the thunder from down under. He’s the real deal,” stated Kenny Olson, Multi-Platinum lead guitarist and founding member of Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band.

To learn more about Turk Tresize or to request an interview, contact Katherine Epstein at Consonant Music by calling (718) 577-8877. To view Tresize’s EPK, which includes audio, photos and more, visit http://www.sonicbids.com/turktresize. For more information including Tresize’s latest tour dates, visit his website at http://turktresize.com. - Consonant Music


Still working on that hot first release.



“Turk Tresize embodies such raw talent and an obvious love for what he does. While listening to Soul Casino, it feels as though one is slowly discovering such a respectable and enlightening musician and artist, just as he himself discovered his love and passion for music many years ago in his Australian homelands” - Jill Jacobs / Blues Rock Review

Turk Tresize hails from Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia, where he learned the value of hard work growing up on his family farm. Stemming from his love of heartland country and later bands like Black Sabbath and AC/DC, he started as a self-taught vocalist and transformed into an artist dedicated to his craft.

Tresize did not begin playing music until he was 20 when his mother gave him his first guitar, which has been his friend in moments of solace ever since. A rooted family man, Tresize found truth and comfort in music while watching his family fight to keep their farm.

After fronting several local bands that developed a strong following, Tresize ventured to London, but stayed longer than he originally anticipated. He began playing regular gigs with a group of fellow travelers under the name ‘Skippy’s Nightmare,’ many of whom returned to Melbourne and continued to play with and write with Tresize.

From there, Tresize built a recording studio in a milking shed on his family farm, now aptly called, “The Shed.” The soundproofed studio provided Tresize the opportunity and means to explore his passion for songwriting and laying down his own demos. Inspired by ‘man-of-the-land’ roots of rock, grunge, with a twist of country rawness, Tresize’s debut album, Soul Casino, began to take shape.

In need of a producer with the ability to truly capture the “raw” nature of his songs, Turk turned to The Bomb Shelter’s Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes). The Bomb Shelter is located in East Nashville, TN and specializes in recording and mixing entirely to tape. After a long flight, a meeting and a few drinks, the two decided that the final version of Soul Casino would be recorded and produced in Tennessee — with no Pro Tools or Auto-Tune.

Soul Casino was released in October of 2013 under Turk’s label, Dairy Shed Records. The highly personal and original album infuses soundscapes that are southern rock-based with elements of rock, roots rock, blues, alternative country, and Americana tossed in for good measure.

“Soul Casino is a recording for that group of people who wonder where the sound and attitude of “Long Player” and the passion and creativity of “Let it Bleed” went” - Kevin Harvey / Muddy Water Magazine

“The album itself speaks volumes, with waves of nostalgic memories from the heart of Turk Tresize’s mind, creating vivid images and evoking deep feelings inside the listener. It’s impossible to listen to this album and not revel in the power that radiates from inside it. A debut this special should not go unnoticed” - Ella Scott / Gigslutz UK

Since the release of Soul Casino, Turk Treszie has taken his show on the road in the US and Australia. His live show has been experienced by US concert-goers in New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut and at Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. 

Upon his return from the US, Turk began to play his live show at festivals and clubs in and around Melbourne and has taken the album to to radio. ‘Soul Casino’ been added to Pandora and songs from the record have been played on FM and internet radio stations in America, England, Canada, Australia, Poland, France and The Netherlands. 


4/25/14- #12 on AirPlay Direct Top 50 Albums – Soul Casino

5/1/14- #10 Airplay Direct Top 50 AAA/Americana Albums- “Soul Casino”

5/19/14-  # 8 Play MPE Rock and Americana Top 20 Downloads – Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller”

5/20/14- Turk Tresize – Soul Casino accepted to Pandora – Click to listen to Turk Tresize Radio on Pandora

5/30/14 #7 Roots Music Report Top 50 Americana Country Charts- Single “Daddy Wazza Roller”

6/19/14 – #8 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Country- Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller”

6/27/14- #2 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Country- Single “ Daddy Wazza Roller

7/6/14- #1 Roots Music Report Top 50 Australian Albums