Turlitawa Shutka

Turlitawa Shutka


Macedonian troubadour and german computer freak presenting an Ethno mix wich transfers the traditional gypsy images into the 21st century. No tricky DJ-patchwork, here you have avantgarde troubadours making an electrifying dance interpretation of traditional balkan gypsy music. Label: Chat Chapeau


Now the Gypsies have gone electric: With Turlitawa Shutka, the “Singczigan” Mustafa Zekirov and the “beautiful noise Wizzard” Iwan Harlan from Transgermania present an Electro-Ethno-Mix (Turlitawa= Mix, Hotpot) which would do honour to any Emir Kusturica Movie. This not like the tricky needlework from DJ Shantel and DJ Click Gild, here you have avantgarde troubadours making an electrifying dance interpretation of traditional balkan gypsy music. These groove-acrobatics with Mustaf´s beautiful wooning cheeky voice-drama, Iwan´s spark showering sounds ´n´ beats and lyrics which stretch from politics to absurdity ( isn´t that the same thing anyway?) are making their way out of the Shutka (Europe´s biggest gypsy enclave, in which everything seems to be possible) and into the clubs of the gatschos (non-gypsies).

The success of the band will be no surprise for those who know the secrets, dizzy heights and frightening depths of the lives of......

Mustafa Zekirov - the lifestyle-artist, singer, actor, composer -born in 1960 and raised in very poor conditions by his grandmother in the (above mentioned) Shutka . Nevertheless he was able to finance his studies in philosophie at Skopje University by playing music in different bands as Koçani Orkertar (Emir Kusturica / Goran Bregovic), Esma Redzepova and Šaban Bajramovic. As the Big-Balkan-Bang went off, Mustafa and his family fled first to Switzerland and then to Germany where he very soon became a successful sinti and roma bandleader. He began working as an actor and musician with the one and only roma-theatre PRALIPE, which he knew already back Jugoland when he performed there as a boy age 11. Some time later Pralipe resided in the same building as SoundToVision where Mustafa was destined to meet........

Iwan Harlan born in 64 into totally musical surroundings, father a composer, grandfather, uncle etcetera. From early childhood he had piano lessons, learned to play the guitar and all kinds of wind instruments, percussion, and, of course, classical composition. Iwan was also a born singer and it’s no wonder that music became the core of his life. As a much-in-demand producer, composer and insrumentalist he runs SoundToVision, a HighEnd-Studio/Laboratory where a fascinating alchemy of traditional musical know-how and modern licks, beats and grooves takes place.

The formation - domiciled in the Ruhr district - was discovered by the World Music trendsetter and Funkhaus-Europe boss Francis Gay, who classified the song "Romano Chavo" immediately as a "hit" and invited the then virtually unknown band to play at the annual birthday celebration of Funkhaus Europe in Cologne. The sweeping success of the show proved the talent scout right once more and soon Radio Multikulti in Berlin was booking the live-quintett for their annual "Völkerball". This gig also caused enthusiasm - and Turlitawa Shutka stood their ground in front of the crucial Berlin audience.


Romano Chavo - Maxi / Chat Chapeau

Set List

1 Set 90 min. or 2 Sets each 45 min.
1. Gypsy improvisation
2. Ujdurma
3. Limusina
4. Parno Gras
5. Zabrakadabra
6. Tikni Chai (la petit file en blanc)
7. Djelem Djelem (trad.)
8. Ushti Baba (trad.)
9. lass mich in Ruhe
10. Rumba
11. Tangosofia
12. Mangava tut
13. Sirotinja
14. Macedonio
15. Romano Chavo