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Turnaround Sunshine

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop




"Turnaround Sunshine- Indie/Pop/Punk"

Profile - What I like about your facebook profile is that it looks very professional. A bit too professional, and some things are just a bit too cheesy.
For Ex. Your band interest section just looks a bit boring. Don’t be afraid to say silly things but as the same time don’t make corny remarks. “Woe, is Me” handles their facebook page great. They are professional but they joke around and keep a great balance. You guys come off a bit cheesy, in my opinion you guys look very normal. Spice it up! Don’t get me wrong your profile looks great, very organized and clean how it should be, but just have some fun Interact with your fans and promote more! You guys should aim to reach 1k likes on your page! Try to get more interaction, post youtube covers, acoustic tracks, etc. Profile looks great, just bring an edge to it, you guys honestly looks very boring.
Image - You guys have a very “weezer” image, haha. I don’t really mind it. You have to remember this is a business and everyone has to be marketable. From looking at your photos your image is very plain and simple. You guys don’t look like everyone else which works for you and against you. When I see your 2010 promos it reminds me of 3 kids in high school just jammin; The new promos give you a more serious look, but you guys look a bit uptight and some of the shots are just straight up cheesy. The photos do look great though, you guys have done everything right, you guys just really rub off a very 90’s cheesy rock band vibe in my opinion. And that is totally cool,this is all just my opinion, and honestly it could work wonders for you guys since you’re bringing back something very original. But at the same time, music and style is evolving, check out how bands now a days dress. Image is very very important in this buziness!
Fanbase - I see you guys did an EP Release show.That is superb! Kudos to you all! Your fanbase needs alot of growing though. you’re not even at 600 likes, that’s honestly pathetic! You guys have the potential to do so much, you have all the tools, use them to your advantage. Start a youtube channel, weekly updates, stickam chat rooms with fans and going into to other chat rooms talking to people, or even going into chat rooms and promoting. The internet is a beautiful tool, use it! You could even ask bands to post a status about your band, there’s so much to do!! Make your priority building your fanbase!
Photos - Looks great! Like I said before a bit cheesy, but plain, simple and right to the point! Your 2010 promos are pretty bad, I would take them down. You guys look like bored high school kids playing around in the park, and the quality isn’t very good.
Marketing/Blog/Vlog - I see you guys have tapped into all the social networking sites! That is awesome! But you guys don’t really use them. Hop on that, make sure your whole band is using twitter, tumblr, stickam, anything thats social network! Make sure your on it, and you use it daily. It will build your fanbase rapidly! Get on that, the results will amaze you!
Recordings - 10/10 Superb! Whoever did them did a wonderful job, great stuff guys!
Music - 3.5/5. You guys have a motion city sound, which I love! I listened to the EP a few times and you guys have very very catchy music. But their are a couple songs that I totally don’t feel at all. I feel like some of the tracks are just fillers, but it’s my opinion. The music is very plain and that can’t really work now a days. We’re living in a time where trying new things is the cool thing to do. Adding obscure instruments and sounds to songs is whats in right now! I could hear synth, brass and so many other instruments in your music which would make it so much better! It’s a great EP, and I definitely enjoyed listening to it, but you guys could do so much with your music! Don’t get me wrong, its great stuff and I love the music, I have a few songs that I just cant get out of my head, but once again spice it up! I hate to say it but you guys give off a very boring vibe. Work on that, otherwise you guys are doing great. You just need to work on letting loose, and in my opinion spicing up the production/writing of your music. It’s great, but it could be so much better! Good look to you guys!
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Beautiful Mess (Single) - January 2010
Spent (EP) - January 2011



If you thought that the only music brewing in Miami was sludgy metal and screeching hardcore, you can now call yourself mistaken. The Party City's Turnaround Sunshine pours out indie-pop melodies with energetic, punk beats that demand any listener to get on their feet. Turnaround Sunshine's primary objectives are to captivate the listener with their catchy hooks and then get them pumped with their full-throttle rhythm section. Don't think that Turnaround Sunshine is all sound and no substance. One listen to the group's EP, “Spent”, will reveal original and inspired songwriting. The quirky and sincere lyrics will have you listening again and again to catch every word. This balance of dance worthy beats and thoughtful songwriting makes these songs perfect listening material for anywhere, from the pit of the rock club to the stereo in your car.
Turnaround Sunshine proves to be just as fun and electric live as their music implies. Within two months of forming, the trio won first place at two Battle of the Bands competitions. They then went on to write and record the six songs on their all-killer-no-filler EP, “Spent”, which they later got mastered by Tom Baker (Motion City Soundtrack's “Commit This To Memory”, and, My Chemical Romance's “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”). All this in less than a year together as an established act. But don't be fooled into thinking these boys are newbies. Each member of Turnaround Sunshine hails from an established Miami band. In 2010, the trio of Michael Jonathan, Jorge Barrueco and Patrick Lopez decided to form a super-group of Miami's local talent and called it Turnaround Sunshine. In 2011, they are ready to take the world by storm.