This ain’t no armchair unit. This is working-man’s pop – music for dancing with your main squeeze on a Friday night after a long rat race. Turncoats are at ground zero for the New Nashville Sound - part Cavern Club part CBGB, but still ‘southern as Muscle Shoals.


“Sure, it’s Southern rock, but it’s not all cocaine and Jimmy Carter,” explains Turncoats’ guitarist Joey Campbell. “This music is from here. The English didn’t invent this stuff.”
Turncoats, the newest band to emerge from Murfreesboro, TN’s fertile music scene, have been accused of acute Anglo-philia before. They are quick to point out that they share influences with the British Invasion, but most of those influences are domestic in origin.
“Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Link Wray and The Shirelles aren’t English, but they had a huge impact over there. The people they influenced were an influence on us, so it all comes full-circle,” chimes drummer Adam Cottle.
Turncoats know what they are talking about. Before forming, all four Turncoats - Campbell, Cottle, guitarist Linwood Regensberg and bassist Rick Kersmarki – were members of The Punk Rock Party Band, Middle Tennessee’s original live, Rock & Roll karaoke band.
“The Party Band plays four-hour sets of two minute songs. We’ve had to learn a lot of the classics, from “Please Mr. Postman” to the Ramones,” says Regensberg. “We probably know more songs than we should.”
“We’ve been playing together for years, but just decided to starting writing originals this past winter,” says Kersmarki. “A couple of bands had to break up before we could really start working on new material. Linwood had never been a lead singer before, so it took a while for him to find his voice. Once we got into the studio with [Brian] Carter, that’s when things really came together.”
Brian Carter, a Murfreesboro sound-engineer, is best known for his work with Glossary and The Features. Among his peers in Music City, Carter is well known for his collection of vintage, vacuum-tube gear and his admiration for Shel Talmy, producer for British Invasion bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Creation.
“I had always wanted to make a recording like this, with those cool Who-harmonies and thin, dirty guitar tones. I wanted to make something that reflected that [60s] era but still sounded modern,” explains Carter. “The songs were there, so it was a lot of fun.”


Shoot That Girl b/w You Been Gone 45 rpm (Grand Palace Records, October 2006)

Turncoats have been played on:
WRLT 100.1 FM Nashville, TN
(Grimey’s Indie Hour)
WRVU 91.1 FM Nashville, TN
WMTS 88.3 FM Murfreesboro, TN
WMBR 88.1 FM Cambridge, MA