Turn Me On Dead Man

Turn Me On Dead Man


Heavy-delic rock a cross between the beatles meet janes addiction. Hard rock with a healthy pop sensability.


turn me on dead man is a five piece heavy-delic rock band formed in san francisco in2002. the bands influences are the beatles, led zepplin, janes addiction'
smashing pumpkins and 70's hard rock. TMODM have just finished touring with The Bell Rays and are playing SXSW this year 2007 for are second year in a row.


God Bless The Electric Freak Alternative Tentacles Sept 13th 2005. Techni Colour Mother released August 2006 Alternative Tentacles All tracks mp3 at are websitewww.mandeadonmeturn.com. Also recieve airplay on wfmu, most collage stations ,major S.F rock station 97.7 and airplay in Euorpe and South America

Set List

Set list allways changes , consists of songs from are first two releases and new stuff from are upcoming release Sunshine Suicide. All TMODM matieral is original