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"SouthSide On The Town (4/20)"

SouthSide On the Town

“…Southside …Northside …doesn’t matter …we’re all about Da Bears…”

Hey, Fearless fans, are you ready for another wild and crazy adventure with SouthSide? Well, this Friday night was extra special for her because she was celebrating her birthday! Woohoo! And this year she celebrated in style by not just reviewing one band at one show but two bands at two separate shows in one fun-tastic nigh! She partied first with Turn of the Century at the Cubby Bear and then Lucid Ground at Mix.

Back once again in the heart of Wrigleyville, SouthSide was having a rockin’ time helping this band celebrate their long-awaited CD release. Excitement was in the air as recent guests on the New Music Binge (aired Mon thru Thurs from 5p to 7p CST with Rocco and Kris), Turn of the Century, literally blew away the Cubby Bear’s stage. Fearless fans, they rocked the audience’s ears with their fuzzy wuzzy, funky space rock music! No song by this band has ever sounded alike. Their music was fun and kickin’ lively with an eclectic range of rhythms and beats that no one was standing still. Oh, it was very contagious from the first riffs to the last electric whine. It had everyone dancing on the floor especially during their rousing opening instrumental. Yep, the aliens had arrived by taking over the Cubby Bear. That number had set the place on fire with screaming fans and other bands, such as Egnaro and reModern in the crowd, cheering and supporting this band. TOTC’s music had a way of changing into different rhythms and tempo with each song. There were times throughout their Cubby Bear set when they rocked hard or slowed it down to a Latin bongo tempo with their thumping bass tempo and electric riffs. TOTC did pride themselves for being a very unique band when it comes to the music. Their music of psychedelic rock certainly impressed this audience with the creativity in sound as well as song titles. For example, the band performed on called Elephant in the Living Room and another one Sci-Fi Surfer which SouthSide enjoyed. This particular song was your exclusive ticket to a funky voyage into outer space. This fuzzy wuzzy tripped out song blew away all sense of reality with its music. It was a mind-blowing experience of sound, Fearless fans. TOTC had really set the bar for the rest of the Cubby Bear band lineup that would follow after them. As they closed out their performance with Cupcake, TOTC rocked the stage hard with this fun song. Boy, was this crowd ever hyped for more once it was all over! Oh, a HUGE thanks and kisses to the guys for that birthday shout out during the middle of your set. SouthSide highly recommends this acid trip into funky space music by Turn of the Century. To feel the full effect of their next live performance, go to www.sonicbids.com/turnofthecentury or www.myspace.com/turnofthecentury.

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local indie artists and music.

- Fearless Radio

"SouthSide On The Town"

Friday, 13 October 2006

Space the final frontier …this was the voyage or performance of the next band ready to take the stage at Kinetic Playground …prepared to be amazed by the out of this world music of their space rock sound that SouthSide was told it was like Pink Floyd on a higher level. Come meet the guys from the far Southside, Turn of the Century, and experience something that was totally far out! Century opened their set with a wicked electric intro that seemed so sci-fi and funky – where no other band had gone before turning up the juice for the rock song. And to go with this electro-space rock music, each band member had their own fashion style from leather and all black (Manny on guitar and vocals) to a 3-piece suit …yes, SouthSide said a 3-piece suit (Joe on bass and vocals) to the 80s preppie look (Robert on keys and vocals) and the typical rocker look (Ralphie on drums) and together as a whole they sound awesome. Space rock definitely rocks. Fearless fans! Plus Kinetic Playground was running ambient, anime graphics while the bands were performing …giving the audience that warped feeling of the old psychedelic drugged induced trips (don’t ask how SouthSide knows this) and it went so perfectly with Turn of the Century’s set. Their second song was so funky and had a 60ish psychedelia tone with a touch of far out, wicked space techno off the keyboards. SouthSide loved the acoustic parts during the song and all the vocals harmonizing wonderfully well especially when they added the “la la” and other improvisation sounds at the end. Their third song was totally jamming between rock and their own version of Pink Floyd-like sound – you should have seen Joe on bass pouring out the emotions while getting down during this song and Manny was smokin’ hot on the electric as he plays. The person who really shined on this song was Robert when he took over lead vocals and SouthSide cannot forget Ralphie rocking hard on the drums. The band dedicated their set to a dear friend who was gone but would certainly not be forgotten …there was certainly an angel rocking out in space somewhere rocking with the band. SouthSide recommends you check out their 1st single (coming out soon) “Royal Flush” and feel the intensity of Manny’s guitar playing as he jams hard like a true rocker while taking the lead on the vocals. Joe made his bass really sing for its supper with his thumping beats – whew SouthSide was really in tuned to this type of warped out space sound which Turn of the Century was producing. It was another awesome song with hot instrumental work that ended with an abrupt thunderous clash – loved it! Another SouthSide says you should check out is “Elephant in the Living Room” – another good song with its hard raw rock sound as the electric guitar and keyboards harmonize at the chorus …sweet vocals rocked the house as the band moved into another hot instrumental with their amazing electric sound. It was so far out, Fearless fans, into space that Robert added some bongo beats giving it a nice funky kick to the song and Manny had a cool electric solo …Ralphie was too HOT during the extended long instrumental before going back to the chorus and POW – what an ending! Their last song (darn!) was truly something out of this world, Fearless fans. The intro to the song featured drums and bass beginning while the lead on vocals playing the guitar comes in with the lyrics and then finally add the space music off the keys – ah …it was so cool. It was better seeing and hearing it live than what SouthSide can describe to you. The audience had one amazing space trip of fun with my friends as they danced and enjoyed Turn of the Century’s music. It was fun watching Leonard and Karl from Lucid Ground hopping around and doing the robot (sorry, Fearless fans, SouthSide didn’t take pictures) as they performed on stage. Yes, Mr. Spock, it’s very logical to conclude that space rock ROCKS! And O-M-G …what a finish! Definitely check out this Southside band live at their next performance, Fearless fans. They kicked ass on stage! You can find Turn of the Century at their band site www.turnofthecenturyband.com or on myspace at www.myspace.com/turnofthecentury

SouthSide - Fearless Radio

"The Scene"

Time Out Chicago / Issue 80: Sept 7–Sept 13, 2006

Engine Studios August 31, 4:00pm

Photograph by Martha Williams - (see Photos)

The Engine that could... Since 1999, groups like Modest Mouse and locals Turn of the Century (pictured) have laid tracks at Engine Studios in Bucktown. This week, the recording studio (1644 N Honore St) will bring the music of more Chicago bands to the masses. In honor of Touch and Go Records’ 25th anniversary, national award-winning community radio station KEXP, based on the University of Washington campus and streaming at www.kexp.org, will broadcast from the studio on Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 from 8am to 4pm. The broadcasts will feature 11 live, in-studio performances by acts including Jon Langford, Catfish Haven, the M’s, the Changes and Eleventh Dream Day. See the schedule at the KEXP site.—Leah Pietrusiak - Time Out Chicago


"E.P" (2007)

01. Royal Flush
02. Super Pop
03. You've Got The Magick
04. Potion 4 Power
05. Secretive Air



Chicago natives Turn of the Century have been immersed in the local music scene since 2000, providing energetic shows filled with rock-oriented pop songs over addictive dance beats. Their sound is self-described as "Psychedelic Dance-Rock", drawing from their numerous influences including early 80s' new wave, late 70s' punk, and the psychedelic movement of the late 60s'.


Double Door, Martyrs', Subterranean, Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville), Kinetic Playground, Elbo Room, Beat Kitchen, Silvie's Lounge, U.S. Beer Company, The Underground Lounge, The Big Horse Lounge, Lilly's Pub

J. J. Kelley's

Featured on Chicago's Finest Rock 93XRT's Local Anesthetic Capsule in April 2007