Turn To Fall

Turn To Fall


Turn to Fall's sound is heavy, complex, passionate and original. It combines alternative, progressive and hard rock with uplifting lyrics and melodic, soaring vocals.


Turn To Fall is a clashing of influences and personalities that proves the whole is greater than the sum or its parts. From playing inside a small shack shaped like a teapot, flooded underground practice spaces, the main stage at Seattle's Showbox, Hempfest, Neumos and venues all around the Pacific Northwest, this band has gained a growing following of loyal fans.

In 2006, the band decided to take a break from playing shows to write an album. They moved in together to test their bond as bandmates and their talent as songwriters. Entering the studio in late 2006, they recorded "For The Fairest", a collection of 10 songs that are the best they have ever written.

With a fast approaching album release party and summer tour in the works, this band is poised to break out in a major way in 2007.


In Spirit

Written By: Turn to Fall

you put your dreams, into me
without knowing i had my own
i couldn't be the boy
you wanted me to be
i wouldn't listen
would not listen to you

tried to run so far away
had to make my own mistakes
i know you tried to do your best
for me

even though you’re gone
I know that you are there
for me, in spirit
I hope I made you proud
of me, wish you could see it

I always tried
to show you
that life is only what you make it
your body only noticed pain
and tried to take it
take it all away

every day since you've been gone
I gain the strength to carry on
you gave me more than I can
ever even thank you for

when I look in side
what do I see
so much of you in me


Written By: Turn to Fall

I saw the photograph
under a frame of wood and sand
I picked it up and wiped it off
it was the only sign of a better time
of the days before the rains came
and everything was changed forever

now I’m sifting
through the pieces
that once were my life
and I’ll never forget the way that she said

over my shoulder
peripheral vision
in the aftermath of tragedy I know
the past is gone
never to return
but the pain has made me what I am today

so I’m sifting
through the pieces
that once were my life
and I’ll never forget the way that she said
don’t cry we’ll build it back we’ll build it back
build it back again

I’ll never be me again
thought the rains would never end
the tide always goes out again

now I’m sifting
through the pieces
that once were my life
never walk away
live another day
there’s always time to build it back
to build it back again


Written By: Turn to Fall

I lie here once again
as the hours pass
I toss and turn

I seek but cannot find
eludes my grasp

oceans rise with me
howling winds won't set me free
my mind will never cease

I'm restless

lids heavy like a stone
my heart it won't slow down
I pray that dawn will never come

taking the same wrong turn
over and over
lost in a maze

if this continues
I wonder can I
endure this pain

since my eyes have been open
I've seen then story that they tell
we all ask for forgiveness
but can I forgive myself


2005-2006, several songs from our demo CD have been broadcast on local and national radio and podcasts.

March 2007 - "For The Fairest" - Our first album release.

Set List

Our set consists of 10-15 songs of all original heavy rock and lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.