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Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Atlanta, GA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo EDM Hip Hop




"Turquoise At The Atlanta Music Conference"

Turquoise Music left a huge stamp on the panelist during the International Music Conference. - Hip Hop Enquirer


Gearing up for her 8 country International European tour, EDM/Dub-Step Pop singer Turquoise recently headlined at the legendary Vinly stage here in Atlanta, GA. If Grace Jones and Lady Gaga had a baby I think she would be the product of that result. With a heavy background in design, fashion and art she embodies the element of a walking piece of art. Implementing all of her talents throughout her work. Having witnessed several of Turquoise’s outstanding performances she never disappoints. Having an eclectic style that delivers visuals so dope it almost makes you feel like you’re literally in another realm.

Stemming from a military upbringing Turquoise is able to use her worldy experiences to help set her apart from her peers in the music industry. Watch our interview as we chop it up about being a military brat, a mom, releasing her debut single ” Lights On,” speaking in Dutch and so much more!

Also check out the full video from the performance at Vinyl. Plus a special vocal treat from one of Turquoise’s backup dancers/artist Yung Rayle.

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Instagram @turquoisemusic - Kia Kelliebrew

"Turquoise Music Talks to Smarterhiphop.com"

SMARTERHIPHOP: Your forth-coming album, “Meticulous Works of a Staggering Genius”; why that title?

TURQUOISE MUSIC: I suffer from OCD when it comes to my art. Meticulous would best describe my work effort. I sort of stagger from one type of art to the other; drawing, graphic arts, music, theater. The genius part was not my doing. It was sort of just given to me redundantly from people I worked with in music and film. I didn’t mind letting it stick. (She laughs lightly then blushes)

SH: Name your top five musical influences and give one sentence why they inspire you.
TM: Now this is not in any order.
Elton John. Lyrically, the epitome of perfection.
Nina Simone. She rebelled against the normal build or fit for a touring singer.
Micheal Jackson. Master of entertaining in every aspect.
Ma Rainey. She was the first blues singer to record.
Bruce Springsteen. Reality driven heartfelt lyrics with one of the best concerts ever.
Tina Turner: Tina Turner is Rock n Roll.

SH: What type of fashion are you into?

TM: I love fashion. Futuristic, vintage, whatever. I have picked up tons of fabrics, jewelry, hats, clothes in general over time. I never throw anything away because fashion recycles itself so my closet is decent sized for a regular person. When I dress I feel the spirit of the women that dressed in the times of what ever era I’m wearing. I’ve never want to be known for wearing the norm. I believe there’s nothing wrong with embarking on a journey with the ” artistic ism ” of the designer your wearing.

SH: Tell us about your in-home boutique.

TM: Oh that’s something my team came up with. I have 8 closets all set up in one room, a wall of jewelry, real and costume. Everything in my closet is organized by color from white to black. So when I’m looking for something to wear, I pick out a few outfits and try them on; almost like you would do in the store. Everyone in my team says it’s like a boutique with the so many signature pieces, they wanted to give it a name. [Blushing] They named it the boutique.

SH: How important is creative control to you?

TM: Are you really an artist without creative control? If Pope Julius II told Michelangelo what to paint, how to paint and when to paint, would he be really revered as the painter of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Of course not. I don’t want to be a puppet. I want to be an artist. When you relinquish your creative control, you become a puppet. Nothing more, nothing less.

SH: “Lights On” is your first single. We were told that you wrote and
recorded the song in like 20min.

TM: You see how people lie? (Laughing lightly). No, really it wasn’t
20 it was 30. As an independent artist I’ve learned to truly maximize
my time in the studio. I come in focused and ready to work.

SH: “Lights On” is a freaky song. What influenced you to write the
lyrics or shall we say, who?

TM: I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. Nothing wrong with “seeing”
what’s going on. As far as who, if I tell you I’ll have to kill you.

SH: We love the video! When we found out you directed it, made all the props and costumes, we were like what!? What was that process like for you?

TM: It was a journey like no other. First let me say, yes, they were my ideas but my team brought everything to fruition. I drew and colored all of the makeup ideas and gave them to Syntheonline.com. Day of the shoot, she came in with the airbrush machine and went classic! She’s so talented. I picked out all of the fabrics and drew the sketches for the glow-in-the-dark outfits, took them to my good girlfriend Jazz at Mypinkjazz.com and she diligently put it all in the physical. That woman can make anything, I mean anything. The hair was done by Michelle Durham owner of FringeBenefits.com, and I’ve been with her as my stylist for a decade plus, so she can damn near read my mind. I just said, “Chelle, I want an all white fishtail braid and glow-in-the-dark ponytails.” She knew what I wanted. She did it all perfect. The white shoulder piece and headpiece, I made in my home office/sewing room. The bed was built in my friend’s garage, Katrina Dodson who also produced the video. I drew up the specs for it. We went to Home Depot had the wood cut. Took it all back to her garage put it all together, painted it, labeled each piece, took it back apart and on the day of the shoot it was put back together easily having been labeled already.

SH: We would like to call Turquoise Music the world’s new gift to EDM. How does it feel to get such good feedback as an independent artist?

TM: It’s a humbling honor for you to say that. Thank you. It feels really good because I live this music. I want to share it with the world. I don’t get overwhelmed though. There’s so much more work to do. This is just the beginning

“Lights On” will be available Exclusively on Jan. 26 on iTunes and on over 300 digital music platforms on Feb. 9 - Smarterhiphop.com

"Tweeterham Turquoise Music review"

At Tweeterham we pay very close attention to whats trending. We recently ran across the trend, Turquoise Music. Everyone was making noise online about a hot new EDM artist so we decided to check her out. We started at her website, which is exquisitely designed, ergonomic and easy to navigate. Upon checking out her EPK, we realized this artist is not new to the game. She’s been in a ton of music videos as well as some film. She’s modeled for Billy Bad A$$ (Diddy’s flamboyant blazer designer) and Ed Hardy. We were ecstatic to hear her music, seeing that she sings in English, Spanish and in German. Her music is a refreshing difference from whats in the mainstream but overwhelms in commercial appeal. Every song painted a picture with descriptive lyrics comparable to Victor Hugo’s writing style. We ended at her video, which, for lack of better words was, immaculate, creative and mind-blowing! In an age where anyone can post their version of what they consider a music video with their iPhone, here we have real substance, cinematography, motion graphics and a bass bumping song that I haven’t seemed to get out of my head since I heard it. Is she worthy to be trending? Does a fat kid love cake? Kudos and ten thumbs up to Turquoise Music. You are Tweeterham approved! -


Solo Contigo - Viceland
Twerk - Viceland
Boss Up - Viceland
Same Ol Me - Viceland



Turquoise is is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist.  

Amidst the laser lights and EDM DJ’s, rises Turquoise Music, an EDM Entertainer.  Turquoise’s music is a fusion of EDM, EuroPop, Hip Hop and Rock & Roll and she can give it to you in three languages; English, Spanish and German!  Her live show has been referred to as "Janet Jackson meets Skrillex”; with laser lights, fog, vogueing, break dancing, a plethora of different dance styles and glow-in-the-dark costumes, Turquoise puts on an entrancing show!   

A military brat born in Fort Bliss (El Paso, Texas), Turquoise started performing at the age of three and landed her first gig at the the age of 4 as a spokesmodel for the department store, Parisian. She trained in Vaganova and Cecchettien pointe ballet, gymnastics/acrobatics and jazz for 8 years. At 11 years old, Turquoise began training in American and Italian Opera as an Ann Weeks Music Scholarship Recipient and traveled around the US as a National Honor Chorus member.  In her teen years she traveled around the US as an UCA All-Star Cheerleader and choreographed several Pageants for the 4-H Club as well as School Pageants. She primarily studied at Columbus State University focusing on Business with a minor in Drama & Theatre. Upon graduating, she began focusing on her music career performing in Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Since then, Turquoise has modeled for Lloyd Klein, Wyclef Jean's clothing line, Refugee, as well as Diddy's flamboyant blazer designer, Billy Bad A**. Turquoise has also endeavored in the world of being a Video Vixen starring in music videos for Ludacris, Lil Kim & Ray J, Lil Bow Wow and Young Dro.

Turquoise is a phenomenal actress starring in 'The Crucible' at the world reknown Springer Opera House, the movie 'Fighting Temptations' and GoSmile Commercials. Turquoise has opened shows as a music artist for the likes of Lil John, Outkast, Da Brat and Ying Yang Twins. Turquoise has collaborated with other music artist like Lil Ru' while working with Grammy Nominated Engineer, Dvante’ Black, DJ Speedy, the Arkitechts and Las Vegas EDM Headliners, Hot and Heavy. In 2018 Turquoise is releasing her next single, Love Never End, through the biggest dance music label in the world, Revealed Recordings.

Turquoise has the Je Nais Se Quois or as some call it, the X Factor.  Along with the ability to rap, sing, dance and act, Turquoise has branded herself with her eclectic glitter lip line called, Oh Turquoise and has made her way in the industry as a songwriter placing songs with TNT and Viceland. Turquoise also works with Queens On A Mission, a non-profit organization that tours the city, helping the homeless and at-risk youth.

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