Turquoise Boy

Turquoise Boy


We're like a punky version of The Cure...*pause for dramatic effect*... with Asians.


Let's just cut to the chase: Turquoise Boy is a rock and roll band. Turquoise Boy is a pop band. Turquoise Boy really wants to make your girlfriends dance (you can thank us later). And, like so many accidental bands before, Turquoise Boy is just a group of friends who happen to play music together. Here's the difference: It also happens to be worth a damn. In their short existence, Turquoise Boy has has shared the stage with St. Vincent, Airborne Toxic Event, Portugal. The Man, MuteMath and *ahem* Buckcherry.

Equal parts The Strokes, Springsteen, and a good dose of synth, Turquoise Boy's performance and music is as fun to move to as it is to sing along with. The songs are a result of Derek Mangrobang's hook heavy head and intensive isolation in Eagle River, AK. Mangrobang, besides his songwriting duties, is also guitarist and main vocalist. Winston Montecillo provides synth, guitar and vocal work with a hefty dose of stage-left energy. Marc Bourdon holds it down on bass and vocals, and Kelsey McGee, provides metal-level drum skills within a pop framework.


Apostrophe EP - 2011
Untitled - Fall 2012