New York City, New York, USA

NYC's finest in Progressive Thrash Metal!


Formed in 2006, Turrigenous is a progressive metal band based in New York City. In two years, through relentlessly performing in the New York area, Turrigenous has earned a solid reputation for playing technical, complex and diverse melody-driven music that has attracted fans with various tastes in metal as well as tastes in other genres. Turrigenous strives to give the listener something more; to express a range of human emotion through music that employs both abrasive dissonance and accessible consonance, which some describe as "dynamic" metal.

Turrigenous' influence are drawn from a wide variety of mainstream artist from the Beatles to Slayer, and also include many progressive and fusion artists from the 1970's to the present day. Despite this, their sound is coherent and concise. Although they are progressive, they appeal to a wide range of listeners, and consistently back it up with their remarkable performances.

Turrigenous, BEST New Metal Band of 2008!!!!

Set List

Our setlists are usually random, but any 6/7 of these:

A Slight Amplification
War Inside
On The Tension of Good and Evil
Emptiness, Darkness, Acceptance
The Mystery of Light
A Sobering Daylight
The Descent
Wake to an Argument
The Episphere
Summer Diminished
Winter Bloom
For The Neverborn
Drawn to an Edge
+ more in the works