Pop Rock music that makes people move. Looking for an exciting yet easy-going band to liven up the atmosphere and get people on the dance floor? Look no further than Turtlebox.


Turtlebox is five turtles stuck in a carboard box. Feed them some lettuce and they'll be your best friends forever!

Actually, Turtlebox is five friends from Richmond who love music and know how to please a crowd. They can pump you up with an eclectic mix of pop-rock covers, or grab you with their catchy, upbeat originals. They are equally at ease delivering the goods as an acoustic ensemble or bringing it to the crowd with a driving hard rock sound. Their reputation for spontaneity, audience interaction, and eagerness to respond to unexpected song requests (but no, they will NOT play "Free Bird") make them one of the city's most engaging and exciting acts.

Although the origins of the band's name have been obscured by the mists of time, T-Box's history is well established. It’s really quite similar to the TV series “Survivor.” Donny Atkins is the only remaining member of the original ensemble, outlasting everyone else by systematically eliminating other members from the band over the years.

Today he is rejoined by keyboardist and singer Mike Hartsfield, guitarist and singer Rob Blackwell, bass player Scott Duncan, and most recently, drummer Scott Milstead of Carbon Leaf fame. Can one of them seize control of the tribe and eliminate Donny? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Turtlebox steadily maintains its reputation as one of Central Virginia's most popular acts. They play a wide array of venues and events, both pulic and private.

Looking for an exciting yet easy-going band to liven up the atmosphere and get people on the dance floor? Look no further than The Box.

...and don't forget to give the boys some lettuce.


Turtlebox - Turtlebox 2004

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Set List

Counting Crows
Mr. Jones
Rain King

Hootie and the Blowfish
Let Her Cry
Only Wanna Be With You

Matchbox Twenty
3 A.M.

The One I Love
Driver 8
Begin The Begin
Finest Worksong
Radio Song

What I Got

Get off This

Deep Blue Something
Breakfast at Tiffany's

Dogs Eye View
Everything Falls Apart

Gin Blossoms
Hey Jealousy
Mrs. Rita

Goo Goo Dolls

Nine Day
Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

Closing Time

Sister Hazel
All For You

Smashing Pumpkins

Meet Virginia

The Verve Pipe

Buddy Holly

Billy Joel
You May Be Right

Bruce Springsteen
Glory Days
Atlantic City

Rolling Stones
Paint It Black
Miss You
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Sympathy for the Devil

The Talking Heads
And She Was
Burning Down The House

Tom Petty
Last Dance With Mary Jane

David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust

Greg Kihn Band
Breakup Song