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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




"[Music Video] Turtle Giant - What a Game"

Turtle Giant have released a video for the gentle, waltz-ready, “What A Game”. It’s from their All Hidden Places EP It’s an all-around very lovely video starring Andreia Rodrigues as the dancer.
“We Were Kids”, is a really great track also from the EP. It has a bit more energy than “What A Game”. Check that out below. - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Turtle Giant dévoile un nouveau clip, sur la magnifique chanson What a Game, extrait de l’EP All Hidden Places."

Turtle Giant dévoile un nouveau clip, sur la magnifique chanson What a Game, extrait de l’EP All Hidden Places.

Une vidéo minimaliste qui laisse toute place à la danseuse Andreia Rodrigues. - But We Have Music (France)

"KEXP hosting performances @ CMJ Union -- The Walkmen, Antlers, Paul Banks, Wild Nothing, DIIV & more"

KEXP is always good for some intimate & live-broadcasted CMJ performances, and this year is no different, except for the venue:
CMJ Union | 27 Union Square West | New York, NY
CMJ presents its own venue and social hub as part of CMJ Music Marathon 2012. CMJ Union is a bustling meeting point designed to bring together the festival's many different strands, providing space for badgeholders to mingle with press, panelists and artists. It's a place where ideas and information can be exchanged through exclusive mixers and parties, where guests can experience artist performances broadcast live by KEXP, and where tips on where to go and who to see ping back and forth across the room.
As part of the festivities at CMJ Union, CMJ and Seattle radio station KEXP have teamed up for an exclusive broadcast event. KEXP returns to the festival to host a live transmission. KEXP DJ's John Richards and Cheryl Waters will spin in between sets.
All KEXP events are free and open to the public. Only non-CMJ badgeholders are required to RSVP, though RSVP does not guarantee entry. All entry will be on a first come, first serve basis. 18+ only. Check out the schedule below...2012 SCHEDULE
Wednesday, 10/17
10:30am - Daughter
12:30pm - The Walkmen
02:30pm - TBA
04:30pm - Paul Banks
Thursday, 10/18
10:30am - Turtle Giant
12:30pm - DIIV
02:30pm - Little Green Cars
04:30pm - Poor Moon
Friday, 10/19
10:30am - Line & Circle
12:30pm - Wild Nothing
02:30pm - Kishi Bashi
04:30pm - The Antlers - Brooklyn Vegan

"TK013: Turtle Giant – Gold Tooth (Killer) / All Light (Live Session)"

I average anywhere from 40-80 music submissions a day. Let me tell you, when you receive new music in those quantities it can become increasingly rare to become genuinely excited about a new artist. It’s information overload. And, yet, that also makes it all the more special when you do discover an artist that you are truly impressed by. Macau, China-based trio Turtle Giant were one of those bands that had me hooked on first listen. As soon as I heard their All Hidden Places EP, I knew I wanted to feature them in a Pairings Box, and, thus, I’m extremely honored to announce that they are our featured artist on TK013.

The single’s a-side is the menacing and dark groove “Gold Tooth (Killer).” It’s a brooding, lurking jam dressed in all black and anchored by a dark, slinking rhythm and menacing, pulse-like percussion. Standing well-lit amidst the shadows, frontman Antonio Conceição sings incredulously: “Creeping my heart, you call me ‘killer’? Vulture our homes, and call me ‘killer’?” Stabs of guitar gleam bright and knife-like through the dark melody. It’s a mesmerizing noir-pop jam that blends together threads of everything from Interpol to Radiohead, Pearl Jam to Arcade Fire. That is to say that it sounds BIG.

The single’s b-side is the previously unreleased track “All Light” from a live session at Estudio EL Rocha in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s a crisp, spacious jam that ambles along a dark and dusty path studded with ringing piano tones, tight acoustic guitar strumming, and a sparsely shuffling rhythm. Ghostly howls swirl in the dry desert air as the lyrics float smoothly along: “I’m staring at the sun / it’s shining through your eyes. I’m searching for the pain / it makes you want to die.” It’s atmospheric and clean, further demonstrating a band that fully understands how to craft elegant, evocative, and thoughtful tunes. There is no question these guys will be a band to watch in the months and years to come. - Turntable Kitchen

"10 International Bands to Watch at CMJ 2012"

Hearing the prospect of a band born in São Paulo and based in Macau is enough to send your head-spinning. By merely connecting together to former Portuguese colonies, they seemingly open up a world of stylistic possibilities: what kind of crazy poly-ethnic musical stew could Turtle Giant stir up? The answer, weirdly, is meat-and-potatoes, dark-and-dramatic indie-rock. Although, given the globalized climate of the blogosphere —where, as Justin Mayer wrote thoughtfully in Washington City Paper, the whole indie world dwells in a non-place nominally called Brooklyn— perhaps it's no surprise that a Brazilian-Chinese outfit would sound an awful lot like Wolf Parade. Which is, of course, no real critique: for those who like guitars with dramatic arcs and singers with feverish deliveries and bands going from indie-rock broke, Turtle Giant's All Hidden Places LP will simply sound like the soundtrack to a place called awesome. - http://altmusic.about.com/

"Musikalische Globalisierung"

“…man [ist] in einem Surf-Pop-Kosmos gefangen, der einen mit eingängigen Melodien und spätsommerlichen Vibes nicht mehr aus seinen Fängen lässt.” - TONSPION (Germany)

"Turtle Giant – We Were Kids"

"…truly addictive surf-rock vibe, pop induced rhythm as well as some brilliant sing-a-long vocals to top things off nicely." - Sodwee.com

"MP3 of the Day"

"...one of those things that only happens when everyone is in harmony with each other." - Spinner

"Musical Pairings: Turtle Giant – All Hidden Places EP"

"...each of the EP’s five tracks is built upon intricately constructed grooves that evolve through thoughtful variations and alterations of their original tunes." - Turntable Kitchen

"Turntable Kitchen :: The August 2012 Mix"

"...there are also tunes by some amazingly hot up-and-coming new artists like Turtle Giant (I’m freaking out a little over how freaking awesome their EP is)..." - Turntable Kitchen

"Turtle Giant - “Germany I & II”"

"This alt-rock charmer drags you from the emotionalism of Grizzly Bear’s «While You Wait For the Others» to the reverb summit of Dinosaur Jr. in a seven minute run." - Ghost FM

"song of the day"

"...grade-a surf rock for the beach loving souls. it’s energetic and catchy as all heck. if this doesn’t make you want to jump into some waves and rub some sand in between your toes, i don’t know what will." - HumFink

"Morning LineUp (f. Ed Drewett, Plumb, Blondfire, Twin Shadow, & More)"

“With the track translating a cool vibe, practice in mom’s garage, surfing all day appeal, you can almost feel the sand in your hair.” - Day & A Dream

"Video | Turtle Giant: “We Were Kids”"

“…sprinkles of sonic goodness that could propel them from the indie underground to the mainstream masses.” - I Guess I'm Floating

"[MP3] Turtle Giant – “We Were Kids”"

"«We Were Kids» kicks down the gate and then gets in its vintage muscle car and does donuts on top of it." - The Burning Ear

"Turtle Giant – “We Were Kids”"

"a powerful surf rock stunner" - Pop 'stache

"video: Turtle Giant – We Were Kids"

"you’ll have no problem picturing a room full of smiling, sweating, lusting dudes and female dudes" - Gold Sweatshirt

"Listen: Turtle Giant – We Were Kids"

“fine blend of juggernaut rawk and off-kilter spikiness” - The Line of Best Fit

"Weekend Listening: Biffy Clyro, Halls, Grizzly Bear, Blondes, Perfume Genius covers Madonna"

“skittering dose of Vampy Wkd vitamin D infused Walkmen-ish, Clap Your Handsy indie-rock” - Drowned in Sound

"I will always be intrigued..."

“Turtle Giant has the music to back up its incredulous origins” - Hand Clap Movement

"New: Turtle Giant “We Were Kids”"

“energetic track that mixes influences from Arcade Fire to Interpol” - Surviving.the.Golden.Age

"Turtle Giant – We Were Kids"

“neat blend of surf rock guitar and great melodic textures, the track is a full force go experience” - BlahBlahBlahScience

"Turtle Giant – We Were Kids"

“neat blend of surf rock guitar and great melodic textures, the track is a full force go experience” - BlahBlahBlahScience

"[Indie Rock] Turtle Giant – We Were Kids (TMN Video Premiere)"

“Featuring chiming, distorted guitars and deep, laid-back vocals, the track is a well-crafted and unbelievably catchy surf rock treat.” - The Music Ninja

"MP3 Premiere | Turtle Giant: “We Were Kids”"

"addictive combination of surf rock, candy-coated rhythm guitar, and accessible vocals" - I Guess I’m Floating

"MusicMattersLive 2012 – The Performers"

“Turtle Giant play emphatic, angular and infectious Indie Rock. Melodic bass lines, stabbing guitars and pulsing drums underscore wistful lyrics and somewhat compensate for a low key stage presence."
– FernandoGros.com (Singapore) - Fernando Gros (Singapore)

"Turtle Giant - Force Divide"

“A journey through different states of minds, there’s joy in progression within this album that provides a basic structure for their musical wanderings. Turtle Giant is a band exploiting artistic freedom to its fullest capacity. They are determined to prove they’re more than just another bunch of songwriters. Basically you could listen to their music without having to be completely finished and you know it makes sense.... A beautiful and fascinating work.”
– My Music Experience (Singapore) on the All Hidden Places EP - My Music Experience (Singapore)

"[Interview] there’s no borders in music: Eatliz X Calvin Wong"

“...Macau’s Turtle Giant, a rock beast worthy of their namesake. The three-man band, shifted effortlessly from post rock, blues, to grunge, delivering an impressive set of introspective emotional rock.”
– bitetone.com (Hong Kong) - Bitetone (Hong Kong)

"Turtle Giant | Macau Alternative Rock / Psychedlic Vintage Rock"

“What intrigued me with this band was their mixture of good old indie rock with psychedelic elements and their natural coolness on stage."
– Max-Leonhard von Schaper, Rock in China - Rock in China

"Brasileiros baseados na China, Turtle Giant lança novo EP para download"

A banda Turtle Giant é o pro­jeto dos bra­si­lei­ros Frederico & Beto Ritchie e António Conceição. Naturais de São Paulo, eles vivem em Macau, na China. O novo EP, All Hidden Places, foi dis­po­ni­bi­li­zado para down­load gra­tuito atra­vés do Soundcloud.

Eles fazem um som que mis­tura música ele­trô­nica com pós-punk, o que mui­tos estão cha­mando de “dark elec­tro. Ouça e baixe no player abaixo. - O Grito!

"Turtle Giant - "All Hidden Places""

Nascidos em 2009, na cidade brasileira de São Paulo, os Turtle Giant estão hoje sediados na animada Macau. O grupo é formado por António Conceição (aka O Monstro), Beto Ritchie e Frederico Ritchie, e acaba de editar um novo registo, o EP “All Hidden Places” – sucessor de “Feel to Believe” (Ed. Autor, 2011). Lançada no passado dia 5 de Maio, “All Hiddden Places” é uma promo EP de cinco temas apenas, gravada no Teatro D. Pedro V, em Macau, e misturada e masterizada por Fernando Sanches no Estúdio El Rocha, em São Paulo. A produção ficou a cargo de Victor Garnier, Ray Granlund e dos próprios Turtle Giant.

Um registo interessante a merecer um olhar atento.
Leia mais em: http://a-trompa.net/novidades/turtle-giant-all-hidden-places#ixzz1vV0uK6xu
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial - A Trompa

"Conheça Turtle Giant – Brasileiros nômades na música e na atitude"

Pense na palavra Nômade. Busque nos seus livros de história e verá que o significado desse termo se tratava da atitude dos povos que não tinham uma habitação fixa, viviam sempre mudando de lugar quando se esgotavam as possibilidades de desfrutar daquele pedaço de terra.

Esse conceito praticamente define todo a atmosfera da banda Turtle Giant, que desde seu início rumou para várias partes do globo e desfrutou do que havia de melhor em cada lugar que passou. Atualmente, Fred Ricci, Beto Ricci e Antonio Conceição residem em Macau, na China, mas já tiveram passagens também pela Espanha, Reino Unido e eram originalmente de São Paulo. Ao perceber que os contatos brasileiros não eram tão firmes, aprontaram as malas e disseram olá ao mundo.

Como na rotina, a musicalidade do trio também se transformou desde que surgiu em 2009. Em seu primeiro álbum, Feel To Believe, o som era quase que totalmente voltado ao folk. Agora, a banda lança um EP de 5 faixas nomeado All Hidden Places com influências mais experimentais: do post rock mais soturno como na faixa Germany I & II a lembranças do surf rock em We Were Kids.

Em exclusividade ao Rock ‘n’ Beats, Fred deu uma pequena entrevista e ainda liberou na íntegra o recém lançado ep All Hidden Places para você ouvir e baixar também! Se liga: - Rock 'n' Beats

"Desde Brasil, Turtle Giant"

Turtle Giant es un dúo de Sao Paulo (Brasil) formado por los hermanos Fredji y Beto. Empezaron su carrera musical en 2009, aunque llevan tocando juntos desde que tenían 13 y 14 años.

Están muy influenciados por el pop psicodélico de los 60 y por bandas de rock alternativo de los 90.

Su primer álbum se titula Feel to Believe y el próximo 25 de abril se pondrá a la venta en España. Unos días después empezará su gira:

29 de abril
Creme Shop (Barcelona)

25 de mayo
FNAC Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)

6 de junio
FNAC (Zaragoza)

9 de junio
FNAC (Valencia) - Zona Musical

"Desde Brasil, Turtle Giant"

Turtle Giant es un dúo de Sao Paulo (Brasil) formado por los hermanos Fredji y Beto. Empezaron su carrera musical en 2009, aunque llevan tocando juntos desde que tenían 13 y 14 años.

Están muy influenciados por el pop psicodélico de los 60 y por bandas de rock alternativo de los 90.

Su primer álbum se titula Feel to Believe y el próximo 25 de abril se pondrá a la venta en España. Unos días después empezará su gira:

29 de abril
Creme Shop (Barcelona)

25 de mayo
FNAC Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)

6 de junio
FNAC (Zaragoza)

9 de junio
FNAC (Valencia) - Zona Musical

"Local band Turtle Giant chase international success"

“Feel to believe”, the debut album of local band Turtle Giant, is being distributed online and in music stores in the United States, Macau and Brazil. The project of brothers Fred and Beto Ritchie was born in a studio in Macau and wrapped up in Brazil. The brothers want to keep their album as international as possible.
On Saturday 30, Turtle Giant will introduce their 12 new songs to Macau public as they join four other bands playing the event “Macau Underground VII”, held in Live Music Association (XL Creation), starting from 8pm.
“Ever since we started to play together [all our life], we have never recorded anything. So, last year, we decided we wanted something real,” Beto Ritchie told the Macau Daily Times.
The Macanese brothers began recording their songs in March last year, in Macau, all by themselves. “I had also had recorded some stuff in Brazil while I was there. We met again in September in Sao Paulo to mix and produce everything,” Fred Ritchie, who is based in Brazil, added.
“Feel to believe” marks the first experience of two brothers playing together as a band. “It is a variety of music genres,” Fred said.
Electronic, folk, rock and pop from the 1960’s and the 1990’s are some examples. “It is a mix of different things we have listened to during all our life,” he continued.
Their lyrics are about different feelings and situations as well. “Relationships, life and death, and so on.”
In Macau, you can find the album in some shops such as the Portuguese bookshop (LP) or Bloom. But the brothers hope to sell the album online, through Itunes, Amazon and other similar webpages. The first video clip of the single “Sunlight” will be posted on YouTube and MySpace.
Internationally, the album is available in 18 stores in the United States on an Indie label. Turtle Giant also has a contract with a publisher to sell their music for film soundtracks, advertisement and video games.
Their objective is to reach as far as they can. In June, they expect to release a new album. “It would be different and deeper rather than this one, now that we have learned so many new things with this first experience,” Beto explained.
“We love to do music and we do not want to stop,” Fred added.
They are also planning a tour in Europe or maybe in China, as they feel that the Macau music scene has not yet developed enough for them.
“Macau is 10-years back compared with what is happening in mainland China, like Beijing and Shanghai. Local bands need to create a network with the overseas bands to develop more. Otherwise, there is no market,” they stressed.
As for the origin of the band’s name, Turtle Giant came to Beto when he was reading an article about a mythical giant turtle found in Vietnam. “I just changed the words around and I liked it from the start.”
Fred and Beto have music in their blood and have been playing music since they were little boys. “Our father plays guitar and sings also,” they said.
Besides projects in Brazil, both Fred and Beto have been in several bands in Macau in the 1990’s when the live music scene was developing a lot. In “Feel to believe”, Fred sings, plays guitar, keys and bass, while Beto plays drums, guitar and also sings. - Macau Daily Times (Macau)

"Turtle Giant hace grande a la Taberna Belfast"

El potente grupo brasileño se suma a la oferta de directos de la sala paramesa

Turtle Giant, indie rock llegado desde Sao Paulo para Santa María.
Castellanos / León
Turtle Giant es un grupo de indie-rock procedente de Sao Paulo, en Brasil, que lideran los hermanos Fredji y Beto Ritchie y que actualmente está afincada en Barcelona. Su disco ‘Feel to Believe’ evidencia el enorme potencial que la banda atesora y que encuentra influencias en los Beatles, Kinks o Beach Boys, así como en Fugazi, MGMT, Outcasto Caetano Veloso, Astrud Gilberto y Otis Redding. Además, el poppsicodélico de los 60 y las bandas de rock alternativo de los noventa también acaban constituyendo para este grupo que actualmente gira por España con el acompañamiento a la batería de Ricardo una referencia estilística.
Hoy estará en Taberna Belfast de Santa María del Páramo. A las 21.45 horas y con entradas a cinco euros. Será una oportunidad única de entrar en contacto con una banda de sonido propio y que sobre los escenarios se explaya con especial sinceridad e intensidad. Su canción ‘Sunlight’ ha recibido el reconocimiento de la prestigiosa revista Billboard y ha sido seleccionada como tercera mejor canción en la categoría de música alternativa en la convocatoria de los premios de esta publicación, sólo superada por “Strata Red” de AC/DC y “Too Late” de Broad Way Slee. Este tema se escuchará hoy para disfrute de todos los asistentes. Las voces de los hermanos Ritchie otorgan además a toda la propuesta un carisma imprescindible que hacen de Turtle Giant una suma constante de alicientes. - La Cronica (Spain)

"Turtle Giant: "Nos encanta lo que hacemos, aunque sea arriesgado""

El dúo brasileño charló con MÁSSalamanca para hablar de música, viajes, cuartos de baño, contarnos sus planes de futuro y cómo les ha ido su gira por España.


Turtle Giant es un proyecto musical formado por Fredji y Beto Ritchie, que empezó en un pequeño baño (reconvertido en estudio) en su ciudad natal de São Paulo, Brasil, en el verano de 2008. Dos hermanos que actualmente residen en Barcelona y que trabajan haciendo música. Si les preguntas por influencias, escucharás tanto a The Kinks como a Debussy, The Beatles, Caetano Veloso, Chopin, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Bach, The Clash, My Bloody Valentine o Los Hermanos Violens.

Actualmente se encuentran de gira presentando sus nuevas canciones, y en otoño de este año sacarán un nuevo EP. Tuvimos la oportunidad de charlar con ellos para que nos cuenten un poco todo lo que rodea a este fenómeno musical. Rock de la cabeza a los pies con tintes indie, bossa nova, blues, electrónicos... Pero mejor que se presenten ellos mismos.

Damas y Caballeros, con todos ustedes, Turtle Giant.

P: Contadnos, ¿cómo surge el proyecto “Turtle Giant”?

R: Empezamos juntos, desde los 11, 12 años... En diferentes bandas, juntos, separados, con otra gente. Yo vivía en Brasil, y por aquel entonces él vivia en Macao (Asia). Vino por tres semanas y decidimos juntarnos y hacer un disco. Después de eso... simplemente todo fue ocurriendo, y hasta hoy.

P: En vuestro myspace decís que todo empezó en un baño, es un dato muy curioso...

R: (Risas) Sí, cuando vino mi hermano a Brasil, reconvertimos un pequeño baño al lado de mi habitación en un pequeño estudio. No tenía retrete, ¿eh? (Risas)

P: ¿Cómo lleváis ser sólo dos hermanos en una banda?

R: Peleamos mucho. Es muy duro. (Risas)

P: La idea de una banda formada sólo por un cantante y guitarrista y un batería es un poco arriesgada...

R: Sí, lo sabemos. El show que hacemos es muy rock, pero hacemos una mezcla. Hacemos un set acústico, siempre lo hacemos, incluso en festivales. Es muy arriesgado, en el sentido que pero nos encanta. Nos encanta, aunque sea arriesga. Dentro del show también hacemos algunas covers [versiones] de bandas que nos encantan, como Otis Redding... Nos encanta toda la música de los 60.

P: Habladnos un poco de influencias, ¿qué escucháis habitualemente? Vuestro estilo más indie

R: Sí, pero estamos abiertos a todo. También nos gusta mucho la música electrónica, mezclamos mucho, no nos gusta aburrirnos, así que mezclamos desde bossa nova hasta blues. Ya sabes, la mayoría de las bandas tienen como una fórmula para hacer las canciones, y las primeras canciones suenan iguales que las últimas que hacen... Nosotros improvisamos mucho en directo también. Nos mantiene activos. Cuando la improvisación sale mal, sale muy mal, pero cuando sale bien, ¡sale muy muy bien!

P: ¿Por qué escogísteis como single “Sunlight”?

R: Creo que es la canción que más nos gusta. Hay canciones que nos encanta, pero también es la que más nos piden. En los programas de TV en Ámerica es la que siempre nos piden.

P: ¿Cuándo saldrá el próximo álbum?

R: El EP saldrá en octubre o noviembre. Ahora estamos con la gira española, que terminaremos la semana que viene.

P: Y después, ¿cuáles son los planes de Turtle Giant?

R: Comer (risas).

P: Eso es estupendo. ¿Algo más?

R: Dormir... (Risas). No, en serio, ahora vamos a Barcelona, y estaremos en Europa hasta finales de año, pero si los planes no van bien, veremos cambiamos la dirección, vamos a los Estados Unidos o nos quedamos en Europa.

P: ¿Por qué decidísteis ir a vivir a Barcelona?

R: Fuimos a Barcelona porque en Brasil la escena musical está muy mal. Además no se lleva mucho lo de cantar en inglés, sino en portugués. Por eso pensamos en venir a Europa, además nuestro mánager nos lo aconsejó, lo hablamos y decidimos venir aquí. Además ¡Nueva York y Londres son ciudades muy caras! (Risas)

P: En España no está muy arraigado lo de cantar en inglés... ¿Lo véis como un inconveniente?

R: Sí, la mayoría de las bandas españolas cantan en español, y creo que en inglés parece que no conectamos tanto con el público. Quizá aprendamos más español... (Risas)

P: Hablando de todo un poco, ¿cuál es para vosotros la mejor canción de la historia?

R: Uf... Es muy difícil... [Fredji] Me gusta Clair de Lune, de Debussy. Pero no sabría decirte... Es una pregunta muy complicada.

P: Una canción que os gustaría haber compuesto.

R: [Fredji] “Your song”, by Elton John.

R: [Beto Ritchie] ¿Elton John? (Risas).

R: [Fredji] Bueno, quizá algo de los Beatles, o una canción de auténtico rock. Muy, muy rock.

P: ¿Tenéis algún álbum inconfesable en vuestra colección?

R: [Beto Ritchie] Quizá alguno de Madonna, aunque tiene buenas canciones pop, algo de los años 40, 50...

R: [Fredji] No sé, quizá algo de Justin Timberlake.

P: Inconfesable hubiera sido de otro Justin...

R: No, no, eso sería imposible (risas) - Mas (Spain)

"Turtle Giant "Feel to Believe""

"Turtle Giant have an indie-band sound that sounds utterly orchestral, with a great wash of guitar, some huge organ tones and a vocal that has the qualities of Brandon Flowers about its assured tones. 'Taking The Heat' is a hazy indie track with lots of promise. The intro is artfully long and sounds great, dropping down gradually towards the first vocal lines. The chorus dramatically presents the poetic lyricism and this track is, all in all, a total winner. The acoustic-led 'Something That You Need' trundles along with a steady rhythm. The piano blends perfectly into the plucked guitars and it's all very pleasant (although nowhere near as good as the opener). 'Sunlight' may be another gentle tune, but the cheeky beat gives it a real groove and it shows off a really slick and chilled side to this band."
- The Mag (US)

"Turtle Giant - Feel To Believe Review"

Vienen de Brasil, aunque podrían habitar en cualquier fría y nublosa ciudad inglesa si nos ceñimos a los temas de “Feel To Believe”. Los hermanos Fredji y Beto, actualmente instalados en Barcelona, son uno de esos dúos que hacen suya la premisa de Juan Palomo. Sus directos tienden a la desnudez sonora (más allá de la batería y la guitarra el formato no da pie a los milagros) pero, a lo que el álbum se refiere, dejan entrever diversos estilos que en algún momento deberán replantearse de cara a su futuro. Esto mismo, que para muchos puede suponer una lacra al no tener del todo definida la línea que siguen, en ellos juega de momento a su favor al presentarnos un disco ecléctico y sumamente sentido donde el folk (“Something That You Need”) se abraza a las domadas dosis de psicodelia heredera de los sesentas ( en la potente “Talking The Heat”) y el pop de poros blueseros (“Sunlight”, la pieza que les ha abierto el camino dentro del campo de las bandas sonoras televisivas estadounidenses). La amalgama aprueba con nota, pero lo más curioso se presenta en “Dry Eye”: ese bálsamo electrónico que pese a desentonar cierra el largo avistando una puerta sintético-ambiental al grupo. - MondoSonoro (Spain)

"TURTLE GIANT - Un trio brésilien qui fait du rock et du bon!"

Installé maintenant à Barcelone, il vient d'être adoubé par le prestigieux magazine US "Billboard" qui classe "sunlight" troisième meilleure chanson de sa catégorie "Musique Alternative".

Turtle Giant est fondé en 2009. Les frères Fredji et Beto, nés à Sao Paulo (Brésil) jouent ensemble depuis leur 13 et 14 ans, mais ce n'est que cette année là qu'ils décident de faire un disque. Fredji commence par jouer de la basse et Beto de la batterie mais ils pratiquent aussi d'autres instruments comme la guitare, les claviers et les flûtes. Ils sont fortement influencés par la musique pop / psychédélique des années 60 et des groupes alternatifs des années 90.

Au fil des années, ils jouent dans différents groupes, différents pays et avec des personnes d'horizons différents. Ils décident de s'attaquer à l'Europe avant l'Amérique, prennent des contacts à Barcelone et de là se lancent dans l'aventure parce qu'ils pensent que c'est là la ville parfaite pour jouer et profiter de la vie. Ils détestent la vie des villes comme Los Angeles et l'état de la musique au Brésil est un cauchemar.

À l'heure de composer leur musique, ils ne se mettent aucune limite. Leur musique se reflète dans une multitude de styles différents, toujours dans l'idée qui est la leur de ne jamais sombrer dans l'ennui et de se réinventer en permanence. Un changement constant est la clé d'une vie heureuse et productive !
Turtle Giant a gagné la reconnaissance du prestigieux magazine américain "Billboard" grâce au titre "sunlight". Cette chanson, extraite de leur premier album "Feel To Believe", a été choisie comme troisième meilleure chanson dans la catégorie "Musique Alternative", lors de la 18ème édition 2011 du concours annuel organisé par le magazine. Certaines de leurs chansons ont été entendues dans les séries télévisées telles que Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill, 90210 et Terriers.

Le trio brésilien a présenté "Feel To Believe" lors de la tournée espagnole de Feeder à Madrid et Barcelone, en mars 2011 et s'attaqueront à partir de septembre 2011 aux routes française.

"Feel To Believe" est présent dans les bacs depuis le 04 juillet 2011.
- Notulus (France)


Still working on that hot first release.



"It’s hard to know which element of Turtle Giant’s compelling sound is the most intriguing. Is it the old-school psych riffs that they bring to their tunes? Or the smoky, contemplative introspection the Macau trio occasionally slip into? What about the irreverent, intensely reverbed rock energy the band hit at their rollicking peaks? Or perhaps the gruff, smouldering and warm allure of António Conceição's vocals? 

Regardless, Turtle Giant boasts a rich tapestry of sound that’s seen the threesome rise quickly to the top of our sister SAR’s scene. And while Macau’s music scene may be small, that hasn’t stopped Turtle Giant from dreaming big.

Actually formed in Brazil in 2009, and consisting of the Ritchie brothers, Beto and Fredji, as well as multi-instrumentalist António Conceição (who’s also known for his solo project, O Monstro), TG have taken their sound far beyond the borders of Macau, from regular sojourns over the water to Hong Kong and festival-hopping around Southeast Asia to Stateside gigs and multi-month tours around the Iberian Peninsula. 

After releasing their debut album, Feel to Believe, in 2011, and a follow-up EP last year (All Hidden Places), it looks like Turtle Giant are gearing up for another big year. They’ve recently announced that they’ll be heading to Austin, Texas’ behemoth festival, SxSW, in March. But before they do, there’s some rollicking rock to be done – with local heroes DP and Poubelle International, no less.

Compelling – and loud – it should be."

- Mark Tjhung, Time Out Hong Kong

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