4 guys from Hamburg/Berlin (Germany) play psychedelic rock. Their highly acclaimed debut album "Patience Camp" came out in 2010. SInce then they have been touring the world and now they have recorded their 2nd album "Hailuoto" in northern Finland.


Tusq is a band from Hamburg/Berlin in Germany that started out in 2009. After releasing their debut-album “Patience Camp” in fall 2010 via Strange Ways (Indigo) they have played more than 80 shows at home and abroad, a.o. supporting Kashmir (DK), Teenage Fanclub (SCO), The Hold Steady (US), The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (SWE) and were touring Russia, U.K., Finland, Brazil & Argentina, as well as appearing at major festivals in Germany (e.g. Rolling Stone Weekender, Hurricane, Highfield, Area4).
There is no denying that favourite bands like The Soundtracks Of Our Lives or Motorpsycho – in their poppier phase, at least – have left their marks, but the approach to composition and arrangement is always accurate without diffusing into over-ambition or nervous arrogance. Tusq have set up camp and claimed their stake in the wide world of rock music where-in they wander effortlessly and confidently. After a 3-week tour in South America bass-player in 2011 bass-player Paul announced that he is leaving the band. With his follow-up Florian Gelling the band has recorded their sophomore album “Hailuoto” on the finnish island Hailuoto. Producer was again Jürgen Hendlmeier (Flaming Sideburns, Mirel Wagner) who is well-known in Europe and who is a specialist in creating an unique, analog sound.


Album CD / LP "Patience Camp" (Oct 2010 - GSA)
Strange Ways / Indigo


Love vs Reason (live @ Ken FM)