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I Said All That To Say This

Written By: Stephen Dunaway, Jeremy Foreman & Gregory Payne

Verse 1
I spent the whole night thinking bout us
Didn't sleep at all
When the sun broke through my window baby
I had to give you a call
Sorry if I woke you
But I think it's time that I finally told you

Since you came into my life
You've got my head spinning round
Without you nothing seems right
My world is upside down
I'm walking round on a cloud
You're all I'm thinking about
I said all that to say this
I think I love you

Verse 2
I never thought I'd say these words
But baby here I go
I've never felt this way before
I had to let you know
I know this may sound crazy
But I'm just hoping that you feel the same way baby

Repeat Chorus

There may be a million reasons
Why this shouldn't be going on
But girl last night as I held you tight
I couldn't think of one

Repeat Chorus


Last Summer

Written By: Steve Dunaway, Jeremy Foreman & Greg Payne

Verse 1
I hear you've got a brand new man
And you've been busy making plans
For a wedding next spring
You say he’s really working out
He's the one that you've always dreamed about (and it seems…)
You said those words to me
Seeing him with you girl
I can't help but wonder
If he knows what you did last summer

You spent a week on the coast with me
Looked in my eyes and swore you'd never leave
We spent the whole year holding hands
You said that I would always be your man
Now here you are picking out a ring
I've got to know where does that leave me
You say it's love but I can't help but wonder
'Cause I know what you did last summer

Verse 2
I don't mean to make you cry
It’s just that there's some things that I've
Been trying to figure out
How can something go so wrong
When we started with a love so strong
Can you help me out?
You're telling me to just move on
You say you've found another
But that's not what you said last summer

Repeat Chorus
Now here you are picking out a ring
I've gotta know where does that leave me
You say it's love but I can't help but wonder
You call it love but I can't help but wonder
Cause baby if this is love, why do I wonder
What was that last summer…

© 2007