T-Vaughn Hensley

T-Vaughn Hensley


A Southwest Virginia feel of Country, Gospel and Blues...Songs that are about everyday people and places...


Personally, the people/fans need to determine what sets the artist apart from other music or bands...
My family/Mom was my biggest influence...Gospel music is another big factor in my life
I grew up listening to Hank Williams Jr, Meryle Haggard, Dolly Parton, and John Conley are just a few.
As far as my story...music is just a passion of mine, I really can not describe it...The songwriting is my favorite part about the music.


Simple Woman

Written By: Tesha Vaughn hensley

Take My Hand

It’s good to be back…this town I grew up in
So many fond old memories keep running through my head
I’m excited about seeing momma and eating her famous stew
Dropping by and seeing Grandpa like I always do

Everything has changed from the diner to a wal-mart
As I look around I see nothing as it used to be
That old hang out where we had our first real kiss
All I know is that I never felt a love quite like this

C’mon baby take my hand…take me back
I wanna go and find what we left behind
All those years…could it still be here?
Do you want to try…do you want to dance
Make a little time for an old romance
Just close your eyes…look deep inside
How do you feel…Am I your man
Just c’mon baby and take my hand

I’m not sure where you are but I’m calling out your name
And honey I hope you can hear me cause my life hasn’t been the same
Every minute of every hour my mind thinks of you
And that is why I’ve come back hoping you feel the same way too


Just a couple of home recorded tracks...nothing fancy