TV Buddhas

TV Buddhas

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

TV BUDDHAS are a garage trio from Tel Aviv, Israel who are influenced by The Ramones, The Replacements and The Wipers. The band lives in Berlin, Germany, and has completed more than 400 shows since 2007, generating a hype for their energetic shows in Europe.


TV Buddhas are the self proclaimed kings of geek bubblegum, the kids who prefer to stay at home and watch lord of the rings than go out and get drunk. They consist of brothers Uri and Mickey Triest, and Juval Harring. The band is originaly from a small suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel, but is currently based out of Berlin, Germany.

Their music is heavily influenced by The Ramones, The Replacements and The Wipers, while their lyrics lean more towards the outsider approach of Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, directing their own anti-social heat against current day hipsters, polaroid-glory and loud outgoing fun girls.

Their new self titled EP was recorded in one hour using one microphone and a field tape machine. They have completed over 400 shows in the past 3 years, mainly in Europe, and will be touring the US for the first time in autumn 2010.


"The Golden Period", LP, 2009, Trost Records
"TV Buddhas", EP, 2010, We Are Busy Bodies/Trost