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"Tyvion Harris Fights Bulling Through Positive Music"

ATLANTA, GA. – After an unforgettable encounter with three bullies last year, the Atlanta Public School student and hip-hop artist, Tyvion Harris, was compelled to produce his single No More Bullies. The song
encourages students to stand up for themselves by reporting tyrants.
In February 2009, Tyvion relocated to Atlanta with his mother, Vonda Harris, and older brothers, Aaron Harris and Geno Harris, from Canton, Ohio. Tyvion, 10, attended L.O Kimberly Elementary School – his
first public school. It was within those walls where Tyvion, who goes by TV, was threatened. “These three boys hated that I rap and get a lot of attention. Around lunch time they confronted me saying ‘you owe us some lunch money’,” said Tyvion. “When I told them I do not owe them anything, one boy replied ‘are you going to have it the easy way or the hard way?’.”
Ignoring the school’s zero tolerance bullying banner that draped in the hallway, the trio insisted on taunting Tyvion for a dollar bill.
TV forfeited his money and reported the students to the principle. In result, the three boys were suspended for a week, returned the money, and required to stay at least 25 feet away from TV.
“Music puts me into an indescribable mood. When I’m constructing my lyrics and listening to beats, it takes me away from the negative things in the environment,” said Tyvion. “Music is my outlet.”

Although TV, a fifth grader at Thomas Heathe Slater Elementary School, comes across individuals he describes as “hater,” it is in music where he channels negative energy. Tyvion’s lyrics and style conveys a positive and age appropriate message with a flair. The novel, brilliant
hip hop artist was musically inspired by his older brothers who are also lyricists. His 14-track mix tape Calling All Kids, produced in 2011, is where listener can find his No More Bullies inspirational-song.
“When kids hear my song I want them to know that they are not alone. I want them to stand up for themselves by informing a friend, their parents, the principle, or a teacher. That’s the only way we will
be able to stop the bullying.”

Tyvion is an honor student who believes education should always come first.

“Education is reality and the key if you got a big dream,” Tyvion said followed by laughter. “Without it I’ll be running around like a chicken with his head cut off later in life.”

Education and music is merely a small fragment of the youthful artist. At the age of 4-years-old Vonda exposed TV to less fortunate individuals, instilling the importance of charity.

“It is a cliché phrase; however, I have always taught my boys that it is better to give, than to receive,” said Vonda.

TV has participated in community service projects with Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, Ryan Cameron Foundation and Salvation Army to name a few. Tyvion has been performing since the age of four. Recently, Tyvion took over Microsoft Store in the Lenox Mall performing singles I do it for the Future, Class Rules, No More Bullies and Like Mike. Also, he performed at Belk Kids Fest for the past two years as well as numerous events, which gained him opportunities to showcase his skills in front of celebrities such as hip-hop artist T.I., Jadakiss and Akon. In addition, he has rubbed shoulders with former NBA basketball player, Allen Iverson; singer, comedian and actor, Jamie Foxx; actress, Meagan Good; 106 & Park co-host, Terrence J; That’s So Raven sitcom actor, Cory Baxter; singer, Chris Brown; rapper, Ludacris; and more.

“TV is ready. I’m going to work with him and steer him in the right direction,” said Jadakiss post TV’s performance at Belk Kids Fest. “All he has to do for me is keep going to school, keep listening to his mom
and he’s going to be good.”

Currently, TV is negotiating music deals and spreading his positive message to the youth.

For more information on TV, contact his manager Vonda Harris at (404) 396-5189 or publicist Marvin Newsome Jr.
(904) 405-6417.
- Marvin Newsome Jr.


Still working on that hot first release.



Rubbing elbows and building friendships with mega Entertainers such as Sean Garret, T.I. “TIP” Harris, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Big Boi, Mike Will, Christopher Star and being the opening act in the past for the now #1 Hip Hop Rapper in the Game Rick Ross, and soul Songstress Monica. Tyvion Harris has not arrived but just begun. Since the tender age of 4, the young Canton, OH native Tyvion Harris better known as TVeezy has hit the ground running with only progression and success in his view.
With endless performances, appearances, and networking Tveezy’s anticipated break to be The “Future of our Music Entertainment” is coming to be a reality. In addition to his impressive Resume, this self-motivated 12-year old has performed for the legendary King Family during the Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday Celebration, Evander Holyfield Son’s Birthday Party, the annual jam-packed A-Town Day, the Sweet Auburn Festival, the Boys and girl Club (Atlanta/Tour), Hosea William (Feed the Hungry Foundation), The American Cancer Society…Just to name a few of the Venues he has electrified with his performances. With exposure to an array of Entertainment and Business-related ventures, this young Mogul's endeavors are unparalleled and refreshing. He has been on the scene consistently building his Brand to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest Icons the Music and Film Industry. With a successful start, Tyvion “Tveezy” Harris is on the rise! A series of Video, Television and Tour opportunities are in motion, and with the preparation of his debut Album, he has maintained an A & B Grade Point Average keeping him “Head of the Class” and on his way to being an ICON!
With his now strong and hard-working Management Team, and a loyal following, Tyvion “Tveezy” Harris can only see himself elevating to the top. Tveezy, as many call him is not just a rapper but a multi-talented Phenom in the making.