The Validation Project

The Validation Project


The Validation Project combines a wide range of influences including rock, alternative, screamo, metal, and pop into a tight acoustic package. The result is a very diverse set that knows how to go full throttle but also knows when to back it off for an intimate moment.


Since he was thirteen, Ben Siemens knew that there was nothing he do could except make music; it was then that he picked up his first guitar. Nine years later he has taken the steps to make that happen. Siemens performed in practically every opportunity he could, playing guitar and/or singing. Ben attended college for music, graduating with a degree in contemporary music at Central College, which culminated with a visit to the Contemporary Music Center in Martha's Vineyard, MA. At the CMC, Siemens underwent intensive writing, recording, and performing of contemporary music (which he had in smaller doses at college), working with professionals such as Tom Willet (former A&R for Sony/BMG). Afterwards, Ben returned to the Midwest and recorded a new demo EP, The Validation Project - These Moments, in which he combines his broad influences of rock, alternative, screamo, metal, and pop all into a tight acoustic package. With his demo EP out and the actual full-length album soon to follow, Ben is poised to hit the road with songs that let people know that they are not alone in life's ups and downs.


These Moments, 2007

Set List

My typical set is 10 to 15 songs long, about an hour to an hour and a half. The songs I perform are mostly originals, but I cover a couple of songs from Shawn McDonald and The Almost.