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"TW Fans ARound the World"

I Can't Wait For The Next CD
Reviewer: Jessica
I think you guys are awsome I love your music. the beats are great it makes people want to dance and the words are great. Your words are inspirering. God bless you all.

cant wait for the next cd
Reviewer: kidancer
the cd is great...can't wait to hear more and more to come......and the videos too..i had a vision about that...cant it

Just right!!!
Reviewer: Mumbi
Amazing, just moved to the states and heard about you fromsomeone in PA.I am in ministry also and i am praying for God''s grace to be able to get you here for a Christian concert next summer. Be blessed and shall remember you in prayer. May you remain true to the call HE has placed in your hearts.

Moto kama chiko
Reviewer: David Obulutsa
Thanks guys for the good job.Everybody that I have played to loved it.I have a guy who has been asking again and again when is the next one?Can you guys help me answer this?

Reviewer: Yamila
Great cd it was a blessing to my life keep going and don't give up God Bless

hottest cd ever
Reviewer: pereruan
The cd is fantastic it's God's send en such an inspiration to me i have it in the houz en i cant just stop rewinding it you are blessed with voices to worship en praise God keep up the ministry brothers

oh lala.........too good bros! U r purpose in life under da sun is known to me..
Reviewer: Dinahn AKA Dee..
Manze I have never seen another CD that i get to enjoy all the song! si vako.....manze ni da office juys are like....Mhhh wow ...who those....and every time they ask my volume goes up up up ....hhahahaha i am proud of Vina like it my own stuff....Brothers ....Something to think about If you live right, you won't get left.Nothing sets a person so far out of the devil's reach as humility and finally When it comes to prayer, don't hang up, hang on.You Bless me n thats why I thot This is neccessary Dinah... .

Reviewer: lawrence, oh
well to say the truth i thought it wont be that great but i played the first song i was like woi thats it. since i got the cd its been playing in my car all day

Love Da CD
Reviewer: KenyanLiz
wow. the 1st time i saw u guys was at the KCFA in vA .. and i loved ur performces ....when Godwin visited on church n sang the song by Micah _"holyness" i was touched and blessed so i listened to dat CD n fell in love wit it...u guys r really blessed with the wonderfully voice n God bless yall 4 ur minster Much Love all da way from Ahia Lizzy"KENYAN"

Reviewer: danny(lil man) and the colombians
we love your music and it makes us.......VINA! VINA! the variety of beats and sounds on the cd is great!

The songs r off the chain. GO TW!! They r a blessing to me in my life
Reviewer: Shiro
The CD, it is amazing and anointed. I just pray that God almighty will continue to bless and anoint u more and more

Tooooo hot
Reviewer: Evans
Hi muluya(Ozzy).You Guyz that music is just too deadly. For a moment never thought that could happen lakini mumeaibisha shetani. Nyinyi ni wanoma. setani nimusinde!

Very different and interesting . Good sound production.
Reviewer: sally
I think this is a very interesting C.D I have never heard such talented voices come together so well. A Milele part II. I pray for your ministry.

That's why I vina...
Reviewer: Jedz
The very first thing I noticed about this album when I listened to it was that it's great to sing along to. Now I've found the perfect description for it - it's a PRAISE AND WORSHIP CD (big smile!). And oh, I love the way the tracks blend into each other, such that you know a new song has started but you can't quite tell when it did.

Its a new experience everytime i listen to it
Reviewer: M. Mwikali

You gotta get this one!
Reviewer: Kainett
Love It, I got the CD a while ago and it has been part of my life.Its fantastic, awesome, inspiring, a must have CD...You guys are a great inspiration, and its clear that You have Voices that are Anointed, Virtues that are Right, and Victory that is Certain, Keep 'em coming,

VINA yes lets VINA
Reviewer: carol
this is awesome, God is really working in all different kinds of ways especially to reach out to the younger genereations. I love vina, for all that God has done, i will Vina, stand and get an attitude like a soldier

Reviewer: Frida Gichuki
This is CD is awesome.I Love It

Reviewer: Ann Gichuki (click for website)
This CD is so fantastic. I always listen to it everyday. My favorite track is Soldier, 6 in da morning, The Righteous, Asante, Hold on, Nakupenda, who am I kidding I love all the tracks on the CD. LOVE IT....

Blessed and Pure
Reviewer: Naomz
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! is all i can start with. i had to buy the cd immediately i saw it. it has blessed me abundantly and still is. God had given u great talents. thank you and God Bless u m - CD Baby


ZenZo Stand Project
P-Ssozi Real Lyfe




TW (True Worshipers) is a vibrant and entirely unique gospel music group composed of men of an African heritage. TW is rapidly gaining popularity and impacting all age and people groups. Their rich and diverse African background, church upbringing, and American musical influences are the reason to their fresh new style of Gospel music, which is fashioned through a fusion of African, Caribbean, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

The name "True Worshipers" is taken from the scripture John 4:23, which states, "Now is the time for the true worshipers to worship in spirit and in truth." They are gifted and anointed with an ability to break through walls that limit people to experience freedom in praise and worship—stirring up a wild and joyful atmosphere. Raised in the heart of the fiery African revivals, the members of TW have a fervent spirit and pour out of their worship—leading people to a deep intimate and vulnerable place with God. Truly, they are a new breed music ministry that will touch the unsaved with their mainstream/urban sound and offer a new dynamic level of true worship to the church.

Their concerts are filled with exuberant energy from the skillful dancing that is influenced by South African Zulu war dances and American hip-hop. Their smooth and soulful voices, spiced with African melodies, have made them a refreshing gospel group that is destined to stand out in the midst of an industry desperate for a fresh spirit. They write, produce and arrange their own music; they also design their own choreography.

TW ministers in high schools, colleges, citywide festivals, conferences, conventions, and churches. They have taken their ministry to some of America’s major cities, including Atlanta, Dallas, and New York, and to more than 10 other states. They have ministered in a conference with Perry Stone, the renowned international evangelist and host of the popular Christian TV program, “Manna-fest;” John Paul Jackson, a renown conference speaker; Bishop Duncan Williams, conference speaker from Ghana; shared the stage with outstanding gospel reggae artist, Papa San; and the sensational Latin group, El-Trio De Hoy. Occasionally, they travel with Bishop Robert Kayanja, an international evangelist from Uganda—a frequent guest on TBN, the largest Christian network.

Their self-titled, 18 track, debut album, “TW,” flaunts their signature R&B/African soul style and musical edginess that has made it a favorite to all age and people groups. “Parents tell us how their kids play our music loud in the house,” TW says. “They tell us that they are happy their kids have found a Christian CD they can enjoy and relate to.” “Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken” is the song that all the church people love. “6 in da Morning,” “Soldier” and “Vina” are the club bangers for all the urban youngsters. “You are Holy” and “Reveal Yourself” are for all the earnest worshipers. The group’s hit single “Vina,” which means dance in one of the member’s native language, has topped several charts on the African music scene.
Their goal is to inspire and spread God's love, and this CD is an exemplary musical testimony. "We're trying to reach people around the world for Christ," TW says. "No matter where we live on the planet, we deal with the same challenges and problems; everybody goes through something. When you reach the pain inside yourself, you realize so many others feel the same way you do. The presence of God in people’s lives is the only thing that determines whether we break down or face issues victoriously and enjoy satisfaction in life. God has given us a noble privilege to introduce and present Jesus to people through music, help thousands experience the manifest presence of God, and to unify the church. We don't take that lightly."