Twang Box

Twang Box

 Avon, Colorado, USA

The Twang Box Primordial Stew...
Take a solid base of blues and add a dose of the forefathers
of funk. Drop in some low E string twang and liquid soul for flavor. Sprinkle with Hendrixian and Gattonian herbs..Cover it
all with an 80's Pop Rock candy coating.. Serve in hearty portions.


Twang Box is Terry McCune guitar/voc   Andrew Schmidt Bass/voc
Bob Sherman Drums/tempos. We add other personell if needed. All members are well seasoned musicians....Terry from the Blues/Rock clubs of Chicago. Andrew from the Pop/Rock clubs of Denver and Bob from the Pop/Rock clubs of Denver. We've played together in Colorado for over 10 years. From the most elite corporate situation to Clubs to open mics, we've played them all.                                                                                              Terry and Bob toured the globe together for the Department of Defense and have played in over 25 countries.Our set lists cover any situation from steaming Blues to hardcore Country Twang to dance music from R&B and POP.
Sinatra to Zappa......We are always able to read the musical
needs of the crowd and produce a high energy show. We are also well versed in backing solo artists of any musical genre with positive results.

I like to call our sound Post Apocalyptic Bebop


We have had few singles attributted to Bluzilla...
395 plus tax and Game of Losin also Happy New Year...
These are made buy the 3 of us in our home studio......
Terry plays on Wendy Price's CD Renegade Housewife..
This disc is popular on the west coast.....She is recording a followup this winter...Bob Sherman has played on Winfield's great discs of the 90's and is an indemand session drummer.
All three lend their skills to local homegrown artists who need
musical backing either in the studio or working live.