Twang Darkly

Twang Darkly


The instrumental trio Twang Darkly performs original and improvisational progressive roots rock for mountain dulcimer, guitar, banjo, flute and other instruments.


Twang Darkly uses mountain dulcimer, banjo, guitar, upright bass, gourd, harmonica, flute, and drums to create original, instrumental Appalachian fusion rock. Twang excels at improvisational live performance, which it can offer in 1 to 4 hour shows.

Michael Futreal, founder of Twang Darkly, draws upon a quarter century of playing mountain dulcimer, guitar, banjo, harmonica, flute, and oddities such as oil-can and gourd instruments to craft the band's original tunes.

Joel Boultinghouse and Troy Messina complete the trio. When not spinning shimmering guitar tapestries, Joel anchors the band with powerful, expressive upright bass. Troy inspires foot-tapping with drumming and percussion that’s precise and off-the-hook in equal measures.

Twang Darkly is available for booking in both private and public venues and can perform comfortably in either amplified or acoustic formats. Twang instrumental creations can be enjoyed either as the primary focus within a room or as a soundtrack that allows for conversation. Additionally, Michael Futreal is available for Twang Darkly solo performances, drawing upon a large original repertoire and a fluid approach.


The Sound of Secret Names
2012, Twang Darkly

Live from Wire Mountain
2011, Twang Darkly

Devil's Stomping Ground
2010, Michael Futreal

Dulcimers Are Go
2008, Michael Futreal

Set List

Twang Darkly draws upon a list of original material to craft its setlists. Pieces include:

Blue Rover
Bright Angel Canyon
Broken Moon
Cookin with Sun Ra
Currituck Sound
Desert Red
Devil's Stomping Ground
From Flatlands Startlings Rise
Get My Gourd
How Moxley Rolls
Lydian Glass
No Matter the Train
Not My Sunshine
One for Seven
Past Time with Good Company
Perrys Theme
Prairie Dog Town
Riding with Rustface
Tars Tarkas
The Beautiful Years Roll
The Pigstone Shuffle
The Road from Thursday
Three Wise Mice
To Morrow Mtn
Tom on the G-train
Twang Darkly Comes to Town
When Argonauts Waltz
When John Lee Hooker Waltzes
Wire Mountain Shindig