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T-Weaponz is the perfect combination of underground/rugged street hip hop with mass appeal sensibility. This music is not just about being latin or speaking spanglish but living a life where things never come easy and growing up was a struggle.


Born and raised in the rough and rugged East New York section of Brooklyn and with influences and heritage in Miami, T-Weaponz speak the truth in their single "Raised in the Slumz". Produced by established beatmaker Alchemist, is just one page in the story of the fellas who have risen above the neighborhood struggles of drugs, poverty and racism to turn their wisdom into music. The new single "Mira Mira" is the # 2 most played Indie rap release in America as of 1/2005 and continues to be the # 1 most downloaded single on InGrooves/ITunes.com


BlackOut the E.P. has sold out numerous times at CDBABY.com and 20,000 copies of Survival Musik Vol.1 and Survival Musik Vol. 2 have been circulated from Brooklyn NY to East L.A.

Set List

Usually a 5-7 Song Set with No Covers. All original Music.
20 Minutes to 30 Minutes.