Tweeky Bebe

Tweeky Bebe

BandR&BHip Hop

I'm a one man crew, representing for my crew. For the people. Speak the truth, get past the evil. Whenever my tape ends your waiting for the sequel. I'm an 18 "go getta" that's down for whatever. I get the party JUMPIN, I never leave em' disappointed. Real recoginize real. and that's the deal.


I'm an 18 year old little sprout, way ahead of my time. I got so many lines. I'm the one that be down to go the whole bout, and you know that i'm ready as soon as i bark and shout. then it's the time to go all out, one look into my eyes and for sure theres no doubt. Run a lot of words out of my mouth, but i'm the one that lets the gun shots ring out, and out, and out again, i'm gunnin till all my foes be dead, with the infered, BEAM, that's the end of my scheme, to give these peoples an everlasting dream. ! that was just a quickie off the top of my head, I swear to GOD I typed that sh*t as it came to my head. I'm a Real JUGGALO, Down with the clowns, forever and ever i rep my town. What I'm doing is just trying to put together all kinds of so-so flows, off the dome, so when i put them on paper they'll be full grown.


Not yet, looking for beats and label to sign.

Set List

my songs would last 10 songs = 45 min. 1 song = 4 min.