twelve 20 six

twelve 20 six


twelve 20 six (guitar, saxophone, trombone, tuba, drums, acoustic bass, misc. sounds) composes and improvises with all of the elements, grooves and harmony you could hope to find in America via the rest of the world.


The members of New York's twelve 20 six have taken advantage of the information technology of their youth and assimilated a broad range of approaches to music into a new pluralism that aims like hell to inspire your children's children.

This pluralism will admit that it reaches mostly into American traditions from the last century which have barely weaned themselves from Europe and Africa, but who's counting? The music pours out of a highly improvising mindset even though extensive arrangements have become a staple for this group.

The most rampant influences are from the harmony and concept fathered by Ives and Copland, the open improvising music of Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley, the highly composed sound of George Crumb and Tan Dun, the rock and roll, the hip-hop, the folk singers, the film scores- all of these things they grew up with. You will hear stretches of possibly pretentious harmony, quirky and/or romantic melody, unlikely sounds from our environment and elsewhere, and, oddly enough, even a groove at times.

Outside of creating original music, the members have bought groceries from gigs with Aretha Franklin, Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Mavericks, Kim Carnes, The Four Tops, Diane Schuur, Rosemary Clooney, Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, Naples Philaharmonic, etc.


"twelve 20 six" full-length debut 2001
NCM East Records (

Set List

twelve 20 six most often performs at venues in New York City for improvising/jazz such as the Knitting Factory and the Astoria Jazz Festival. The average set is 1hr 15min and involves many originals and interpretations from Prokofiev to Radiohead. Although it comes strongly from the jazz tradition, you will rarely here a swing feel or jazz standard.