what you will hear: ambient, intricate guitars. instrumentals. climactic, epic build-ups, soaring melodies, and lots and lots of love...


There’s something to be said about passion. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose members were pieced together like a supernatural jigsaw puzzle, know this to be true. What was once three kids plucking rubber bands on cardboard boxes and banging pots and pans with spatulas, has become an assembled troupe of focused individuals embracing beautiful music and committing to diligently compose and fine-tune a unique yet accessible sound. Over the course of their existence, has written a captivating collection of creative and intelligent music reflective of their own personalities and individual musical tastes. After selling hundreds of copies of their debut “…And New Life Begins” EP, they entered the recording studio once again, this time with engineer Carson Slovak manning the boards. These (demo) sessions yielded a strong combination of musical efforts that showcase the band’s progressive ability to write and arrange songs. finds its distinctive mark among today’s countless upcoming artists by presenting an intense live performance that captures the attention of many types of audience members. By introducing an original style that includes an acute lyrical direction, constant flow of emotion, and polished instrumental craftsmanship, they believe that their music can be appreciated and enjoyed by musical connoisseurs of all tastes.

In the upcoming months of 2006 and beyond, will continue to charm audiences across the east coast, Midwest, and beyond with their combination of charismatic on-stage chemistry and spirited songs of jubilation. New installments of songs are constantly being written and added to the roster, so be on the lookout for a full length release coming in the near future.

Throughout their time together, James, Evan, Joseph, and Andrew have performed well over 200 times in 11 states; completing two self-booked East Coast tours. They have also been privileged to share the stage with the following national acts (non-festival performances): mewithoutYou, Brazil, Dredg, Lovedrug, Daphne Loves Derby, August Burns Red, Kids In The Way, The Myriad, House of Heroes, Anathallo, Monty, An Angle, Vedera, The Evan Anthem, Stars Hide Fire, Outsmarting Simon, In Pieces, and Last Tuesday.


My Limbs, Once Like Legos

Written By: James Porter

My limbs, once like legos were snapped into place by the hand of the Father I was showered with grace. He stitched me together; my sinews like thread, untied me and told me to walk with the dead. My heart much like adamantium, more stagnant and stalwart than ever before. For love to flow from these veins alone is more painful than pulling a sword from a stone.

I sung: Hold me Father, for I am lost in my love for what is not of You. My hands are trembling, my hearts pleads with my body. Hold me closely, make me new. (The only step that i should take would be to put my faith in what you have made me, and though I feel a little bit lonely, I am Yours.

Written on the back of my hand was a reminder in smeared black ink to give You all of the glory, for I know now that i cannot save myself and in giving you the pen I surrendered my story.

For I was lonely, but You were with me. And I was helpless, but you strengthened me. You saw right through me, and i sung:

Hold me Father, for I am lost in my love for what is not of You. My hands are trembling, my hearts pleads with my body. Hold me closely, make me new.

Only Love can save me now. Only You and I am longing for something (amazing) love, unchanging spirit breathe into me now.

Every morn' when i awaken, sunlight streams through the window pane. i am reminded of your mercy with each drop of falling rain. And the showers, so refreshing, they revive me from my grave. I begin to bloom arising from the grass in which I laid.

Trade In Your Tentacles for Fins, Learn To Swim!

Written By: James Porter

I was like a ship without it’s sails, afloatin’ nowhere, carried by the waves with the killer whales, through clouds of despair, I’d batten down the hatches, brave the tides, but, I’m not sure that I’ve got this right, you were like the wind that was trying to guide, my map and compass, a calloused heart consumed by pride, destroyed by blindness, I was like the captain of conceit, a weathered vessel, you were like arms upholding me when my legs buckled. you wove me like a tapestry with silks and linens as fine as fine can be, hung me upon a wall for all to see how I’d unravel at the seams.

I am the moon without the stars, I am a street without the cars, I am the black without the blue, I am a "q" without its “u".

You were like a gentle ocean breeze, steadfast and sturdy. I was like a sailor, worn and weak, complete with scurvy. You were like an anchor undersea, a firm foundation. I was like the crew that mutinied, and refused salvation.

Abandon ship mates! but ne’er you worry! no life preserver is necessary!

Blessed is the man who drowns his pride and walks the plank of sacrifice, who forfeits his entire life to forsake the flesh and follow Christ. My son trade in those tentacles and get some fins, just learn to swim, I’ll make you the most brilliant fish in the entirety of the ocean. You’ll dart through caverns, coral reefs, just spin and twirl effortlessly, maneuver through the undertow and seaweed so majestically. Arrestingly breathtaking are the waves you’ll be creating; they’ll crash and captivate capsizing ships and cavitating through the deep.

I am the moon without the stars, I am a street without the cars, I am the black without the blue, I am a ‘q’ without its “u’ father I can’t do this alone, you know I am nothing on my own, I’ll look to your love to get me through, for I wouldn’t be me if not for you…my Jesus, I love you, I long to be like you. I’ve failed you, I’m sorry, I’m fragile, rebuild me.


Trade in your Tentacles Demos (2005)
...and new life begins EP (2004)

Set List

Our set consists of original songs, and can be varied between 30 and 45 minutes. On occasion, we may play a short cover song.