Imagine combining the haunting melodies of Coldplay, the passionate lyrics of Chris Carabba, with the simplistic acoustic style of Damien Rice. What you end up with is a small taste of the unique sound of twelve:ten.


Twelve:ten is a brother/sister duo that have been working together musically since May 2005. Considering the short time that the two have been making music together, they have already tasted some success. John Boller and his sister Debbie Boller were awarded first place honors at GMA's Music in the Rockies 2005 for their stirring performances of two originals, "If Only" and "Forever One."

John Boller, 19, currently serves as worship leader at Father's House Vineyard Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. John has developed a passion for writing and performing melody-driven, acoustic music. He has made musical appearances at numerous local events, churches and cafes. Inspired by legendary songwriters such as Paul Simon to contemporary artists such as Johnny Rzeznik, John attempts to incorporate sing-able melodies into his acoustically driven originals.

Debbie Boller, 25, currently resides in Ames, Iowa where she serves as worship leader at Harvest Vineyard Church. Debbie moved back to Iowa in 2004 after spending a few years as a worship leader at the Vineyard Church in Evanston, IL. Throughout the years, Debbie has had the privilege to sing alongside worship leaders such as Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and David Ruis at various events. Blessed with great talent, Debbie's vocal ability is so versatile that it can be suitable for nearly any setting or style.


The Rose I Had In Mind

Written By: John Boller

In the garden of my soul
I was searching for gold
Past the lilies, where the violets bloom
I started walking through the gentle morning dew

As I was looking up ahead
I saw a rose so broken, bleeding all it’s red
And though I tried to walk on by
I couldn’t help myself from kneeling at its side

Withered, faded, frail and torn
Rugged petals, broken thorns
Just the rose I had in mind

And as I took a second glance
I knew I didn’t come across this rose by chance
A subtle beauty, easy to ignore
Much like a hidden pearl beneath the ocean floor

Weakened, fragile, faint and cold
Nearly lifeless, yet beautiful
Just the rose I had in mind

Then I placed the rose in my hand
So overtaken by it’s grace, I could not stand
I held it close to me, I held it tight
I wouldn’t let go even if it cost my life

Wounded, beaten, bruised and scarred
Truly man, yet fully God
Just the King I had in mind

Together In My Dreams

Written By: John Boller

Lights go down, the music fades
You find me gazing in your eyes
You smile at me and whisper softly
“Shall we dance tonight?”

And so I take you by the hand
And we run, we run
To the everlasting land
Of a thousand suns
Where we dance upon the streets
As one, as one
And it’s only you and me
Together in my dreams

I’m swept away by the sight of you
Dressed in white, so beautiful
You’re everything I’ve waited for
You’re altogether wonderful

And so I take you by the hand
And we run, we run
To the everlasting land
Of a thousand suns
Where we dance upon the streets
As one, as one
And it’s only you and me
Together in my dreams

I realize it's just a dream
But please don't wake me now


John Martin Boller: Until. 2005. (EP)
twelve:ten: Acoustic Variations of Things to Come. 2006

Set List

Depending on how long of a set is demanded, we can play up to the amount of the original songs listed below.

So Amazing
Little Miss Guitar Lady
Broken Promises
My Prayer
Wearing Out
If Only
Even When
My Song for You
From a Father to His Child
All Over
Together In My Dreams
The Rose I Had In Mind
The Sweetest Revenge
Just Like Rain
Grey Eyes
All I Have
Keep On Walking
Forever One
Is This Love?
Remember Me
Down On My Knees