Twelve Watts

Twelve Watts


My music is Gospel Rock, laced with Reggae, Latin and Funk vibes. Powerful vocals and exciting, melodic music define my flavor. People say my live shows remind them of a Prince vibe with strong vocals that can go low, and hit Mariah Carey high's, catchy choruses and songs that enlighten the soul.


Raised in the church by her grandmother "Elder One Whitaker", Twelve Watts began singing as a youth and never looked back. An international artists, music has always been a calling that couldn't and wouldn't be denied.
Music, this universal medium, transcends race, creed, gender, education and language. No barrier is strong enough to stop it's mighty wings from spreading across the globe, touching every heart in it's path.
"This world we live in today has many hurting people, so many lost souls. My heart cries out to these individuals as we are all God's children. All of us, like it or not. There's a very specific tonal influence in music, a special sound that can heal, uplift, enlighten, and stop somebody from committing suicide that very day. Music is also a weapon. It can usher in the power of light. That's where I come in."
Gospel rock laced with reggae, latin and funk vibes. Powerful force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned..


I have just released my first CD - Anointed Blue - available at

Set List

Under Your Wings
Only God
Send Down Your Love
Gird Up Your Faith