Twen Bumbs

Twen Bumbs

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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Twen Bumbs create a brand of unique Hip Hop stemming from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Deeply rooted in the traditions of black music, theirs is conscious, enlightening uplifting, yet fun and forward-thinking. Don't be surprised if you find your knees tweakin' a bit when you listen.


| Twen Bumbs Bio |

What to say about the Twen Bumbs... It's hard to describe the Bumbs. The Twen Bumbs is a collective or crew of artists and like-minded artistic individuals comprised of Dubla Music associated producers and MCs. The primary members are Juskwam (on lyrics) and Dubla (on production). DJ/producer Knos fills in often on production. On occasion, founding member Bzo makes appearances on Twen Bumbs tracks and live shows.

The Twen Bumbs create a brand of original Hip Hop stemming from the diverse [musical] backgrounds and experiences of the group members. Their hip hop is conscious, enlightening, uplifting and at times playfully fun. They do it for the love of the music, and the enjoyment of the process of making music. This passion is understood when listening to them, especially at live shows.

| Juskwam | A prolific emcee and wordsmith born in Nashville, TN, and raised in Houston, TX in an era when hip hop was in it's formative and early expansion stages. Kwam has been developing his emcee craft, recording and performing in front of audiences since 1990. He grew up listening to Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, Rakim, LL Cool J, KRS-ONE, The Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash and the like.

Says Kwam, "I have been freestylin' most of my life until Dub asked me to see what my concentrated thought would sound like. We figured out the mix - Some ill ass lyrics tweaked with some butter beats with a dose of consciousness." Two a-alikes that run the underground, we call it... Twen Bumbs!

| Dubla | The chief producer and founder of Dubla Music. He produces, mixes and engineers most of the music heard on Twen Bumbs and other Dubla Music projects. You may also find Dubla behind the steel wheels blending and mixing grooves and on occasion, and sometimes, in cameo appearance, dropping a lyric or two on a mic device. Mostly, he can be found behind the mixing console or an MPC laying and layering syncopated rhythms.

Dubla founded Dubla Music in 1999 after years of broadening his musical and cultural horizons throughout the eastern US. He was born in Mobile, AL but spent much of his life was spent in the in Brooklyn and New York City. He also hung his hat in Philadelphia, PA and Knoxville, TN before moving production to the heart of the New Orleans art scene in the warehouse district.

Dubla has a vast musical ear stemming from his well-rounded and cultured history.
He has been studying music since the age of 4 and has no limitations on his musical influence. He graduated from New York University with a degree in music business in '99 and has worked in the music and technology industries since.

The duo have been collaborating on projects for many years, but the Twen Bumbs were officially formed in New Orleans in 2006 - the summer following Hurricane Katrina. That summer, they recorded their first CD entitled Eye To I. Their follow-up release I Contact is due in the summer of 2009.

At a Twen Bumbs love show, they often incorporate live musicians and turntablists to add more musical elements to their already dynamic set. They have collaborated and performed alongside Private Pile, D.O.N., Shawna P, Pow Shadowz, Skratchmo, Cas One, Wick-It, Kidsmeal,The Able Chris, Soapbox and Guerilla Publishing Company artists Elespee, Prospek, Cali Obzvr and Unseen.


Eye to I - LP
Pound Path - Single
I Contact - LP

Set List

The Twen Bumbs perform sets between 20 and 45 minutes long depending on the gig.