Woodbridge, Ontario, CAN

TWENTY6HUNDRED is an Alternative Rock band from Toronto Canada. The band has three albums released to date, and actively performs live at various medium to large venues.


TWENTY6HUNDRED is a Canadian rock band formed in early 2006 by Michael Atkinson (former front man of popular 90's bands: 'Another Fine Mess' and 'Sneaky Preacher'). Although a solo project was the original intention, Michael recruited former 'Sneaky Preacher' band-mates Wendel Shank on guitar, and Randy Nolson on drums in an attempt to rekindle some of the performance magic of previous collaborations. Jim Burdon was soon enlisted to play bass. Traditionally a guitarist, Jim brought an exciting flare and energy to the rhythm section while adopting this different role. With the band members in place, the name  TWENTY6HUNDRED  was chosen as a  tribute to an icon from an  era that significantly influenced each of the band members in life and music.

Following the release of TWENTY6HUNDRED's 2006 debut E.P. "Free With Purchase", recorded at Toronto’s Metalworks Studios, the band began performing live at some of the most renowned venues in Toronto; such as the Rivoli, Lee's Palace, Opera House and El Mocambo. The band quickly discovered a dynamic stage presence, and easily captivated a fan base that grew with each show. The construction of a private recording and rehearsal studio known to the band as “Shocker Sound” in 2008 became an important outlet for creating new material, and developing a distinct musical identity. The first independent release produced entirely by the band itself at Shocker Sound was a 3-song demo entitled “Red, Black & Blue”. In autumn 2009, following a lively showcase performing alongside Toronto Indie alumnae including The Kernals, The Benvereens and Organical; Michael was forced to take a temporary break from playing music; then in early 2010, Wendel Shank decided to leave the band to pursue a different artistic direction.

In early 2011, TWENTY6HUNDRED resumed work as a trio. The band’s first return to the stage was on August 1, 2011 playing in front of thousands at Yonge-Dundas Square as a part of the FOFSTOCK music festival. Following an amazing day on one of Toronto’s biggest and best stages, the band looked towards reforming the quartet. Mihai Trusca joined the band in 2012 to not only restore the second guitar and additional backing vocals, but also providing a fresh and creative production and recording perspective.

The quartet completed their third major recording entitled "Electric For All" in September 2014. This 12-song LP was recorded entirely at the bands' own private studios (GladLand, Orange Mic, Shocker Sound & El Rancho Randillion). Following the release of the new album on CD, and by download at various digital music stores including iTunes, Amazon Music and Rhapsody, the band is looking forward to sharing songs from the new album on stage while continuing to write and record new material for future release.



Written By: David Saine & Randy Nolson

You were the Straw that Broke my Back
You were the Thing that Brought me Back to Life Again.
My Fear of Loss is Fading
My only Fear Remaining

You were the Knife that Cuts so Deep
I Cursed your Name
You Watched me Bleed to Death Again.
But you were there for Triage
To Help me Overcome my Fears Again.

You were the One who was supposed to be there.
You were the one that I Depended on to Care.
But you changed since you met her.
And that's Why I am so Bitter.

No Matter What
Just Keep Your
Big Mouth Shut

Copyright 2007, Twenty6hundred. SOCAN/ASCAP

Idiot Filter

Written By: David Saine

You Think I am Boundless
You Wish you could Shovel Like This
You Don't See all the Pain
You Think I am Stupid
That I Should Suffer for It
You Don't See...My God It's Starting Again

I Am So Tired
My Best Friend Just Got Me Fired
You Think I Could Win
My God I've Just Given In
You Think I Am Boundless
You Wish You Could Shovel Like This
You Don't See...My God It's Staring Again

My Idiot Filter
Must Be Changed.

Copyright 2006, Twenty6hundred. SOCAN/ASCAP


Free With Purchase - EP (2006) - Available on iTunes
1. 0636
2. Bubbles
3. Free With Purchase
4. Idiot Filter
5. Not To Mind
6. Indie Band

Red, Black & Blue - EP (2008)
1. Intro
2. Over Ruled
3. Bitter
4. Always Bring Me Down

A new EP is scheduled for release early 2010!

Set List

Current Set:
Not to Mind
Free with Purchase
Idiot Filter
Facial Recognition
Anger Management
Average Man
Always Bring Me Down
Woke Up
The Librarian
Wings Of Metal
Happily Never After
*Breaking The Law (Judas Preist cover)
The band has enough material currently to provide a single set from 45 - 90 minutes as desired.