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Twenty For Seven

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Public Demonstration (Demo) - Elementary, Evil Side, Can't Hold On, Where you wanna be



"Music is love in search of a word."
-- Sidney Lanier

‘Original’ is a word that has been so overused in music that its meaning has been cheapened. It seems that as long as a group is not a cover band they can use the word ‘original’ and ‘unique’ in describing their music. Bands do not understand that this is a loaded word. They would not call themselves original if they understood what it takes. Creating something truly unique comes with bruised lips and battered egos, controversy and clash. Know that when TwentyForSeven uses this word in describing their music, they have the swallowed pride and split lips to back it up. They dare you to pigeon-hole their sound; they’ll disprove it on the next song. TwentyForSeven has been together for two years and still do not know how to describe their music. They can tell you that it is passionate and honest, powerful and delicate, but as far as a genre goes, that distinction is yours.

TwentyForSeven derives its name and origin from a Denny’s restaurant at three in the morning. Two friends who worked the night shift soon realized that that one sang and one played guitar. They got together for what they called the acoustic soul sessions, jamming and working out songs while the restaurant was empty. These sessions later spilled over into people’s houses and friends parties, and soon they realized they should get serious and start a band. Enter one half of local punk band Heroes4Hire and TwentyForSeven was born.

After just one practice as a band they played their first gig at a park in local Taneytown and never let up. This breakneck speed is part of their work ethic, writing and performing new original material in less than a day after it is written, or as they wait for their turn on the stage. This was experienced first hand when the founding bass player left the band to pursue a film career in Canada. With just three days to learn the material before the finals in a local battle of the bands, Kevin Martin was thrust into the fast lane with a free recording session on the line. After a flawless performance and 16 hours free recording time in the bag, Kevin stepped up to become the newest member of TwentyForSeven. This is just one of the many stories that follow the band around. They are passionate and dedicated about the music they make and their commitment to taking it global. This is never more apparent then watching the band live, where the love of music and what they do radiates off the band like a coronal discharge.