Twenty Four Thousand Dollars

Twenty Four Thousand Dollars

 Austin, Texas, USA


Trudging through a world riddled with abandoned bicycles, broken down jalopies and piles of unpaid parking tickets, Twenty Four Thousand Dollars has still managed to accumulate an impressive cannon of songs that reflect the many heartaches, wonders and absurdities of life on a wild and weirdly crazy planet. Their uncanny and unpredictable combination of a no-nonsense Texan musician, alongside two carpetbagging delinquents kicked out of New York City for not doing their hipster homework, has been the secret recipe that has made Twenty Four Thousand Dollars' sound so unique and appetizing. At times influenced by country singers like George Jones and The Louvin Brothers, while at other times influenced by rock 'n' roll bands like The Kinks and The Replacements (with a little old school soul ala Stax and Motown added for flavor), Twenty Four Thousand Dollars stands alongside their predecessors as a band that has examined and expanded on the spectrum and language of American music.


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