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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Twenty Something White Guys perform at the South Federal Reserve"

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Arian Schuessler

Pete Feltman of the band "Twenty-Something White Guys" performs at the South Federal Reserve early Sunday morning. They have a great sound. Their love of music is apparent through their diverse variety of musical influences. It's nice to hear some original music in this town.

I would highly recommend checking this band out. They have three shows in Mason City in the next three weeks - and don't worry, it's not all accordion music. Hear samples of their music, see local tour dates and locations, and read their blog at: - Mason City Globe Gazette

"Twenty Something White Guys open for Clumsy Lovers at Surf Ballroom"

When Pete Feltman, Jeff Sale and Jay Jeffries played together at open mike night at Cousins in Mason City one evening, someone told them they should start a band.

Feltman was hesitant, saying, “the world is already satuated with music” and the last thing anyone needs right now is another band of “twenty-something white guys.”

But Sale thought that would be a great name for a band. And Twenty Something White Guys was born.

The band, influenced by Wilco, Phish, Cake and the Beatles, played its first gig in October 2005.

They will open for The Clumsy Lovers at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Sunday.

Feltman, the lead vocalist and guitar player, also plays the accordion, didgeridoo, sipsi, Irish whistle and a few other instruments.

Feltman was playing at the Reverb in Cedar Falls one night while he was still a student at the University of Northern Iowa. Sale, who plays the drums, was at the show and asked him afterwards if they could jam together sometime.

Feltman took him up on the offer and they started playing with a few other musicians.

Feltman moved to Mason City, where he began playing with bassist Jeffries. Then he called Sale and asked if he would come work with the two of them.

Feltman said they felt a “divine musical connection” the first time they all played together in his living room.

Fortunately, Feltman had been writing lots of songs so they were able to record a demo early on that they called The Basement Tapes.

Feltman said although most of the lyrics and melodies come from him, everyone else “puts their own flavor to it.”

The band now is almost finished recording a six-song EP titled “Making Music for the Crowd That Wasn’t There.”

Sale said the literal meaning of the title is the fact that he and Feltman weren’t drawing much of a crowd when they started playing together in Cedar Falls.

Feltman said the title also makes him think of “spaciousness and room to breathe.” The songs address lost love, spiritual matters and even a bipolar cat.

After the EP is released the band wants to play some shows outside of Mason City.

“We have found our crowd in this town and they have supported us,” Feltman said. But it also would be nice to play in other towns in Iowa and in other states.

Sale agreed, saying it is time to start sharing their music with “the rest of the crowd that wasn’t there.” - The Globe Gazette - Wednesday May 17, 2006 - Mary Peiper

"Twenty Something White Guys moving to Surf's main stage"

Local favorites Twenty Something White Guys are moving to the Surf’s main stage when they open Sunday night for Jason Boland & the Stragglers.

“It’s our first main stage show,” said band member Pete Feltman. “I’m excited to hear what the bass and drum sound like through a big sound system, subwoofers and stuff.”

The band previously played the lounge at the Surf, opening for Clumsy Lovers last May.

Counting among its influences such groups as Wilco, Phish, CAKE, and The Beatles, the band’s music is a mix of acoustic-folk-funk-core.

“It should be an interesting juxtaposition between our sound and Jason Boland,” Feltman said.

After the Surf show, the band’s gigs are scheduled mostly in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.

“That’s where Jeff (Sale) has done most of our booking,” Feltman said, adding that Sale, the band’s drummer, lives in the area.

Twenty Something White Guys has another reason to make the trek southeast.

“We’re recording again in Cedar Falls,” Feltman said. “It’s going to be our first full-length CD, 11 songs.”

The CD will be a concept album, all original songs about people and their shoes, according to Feltman. The title — “Those Aren’t Weapons, Those Are My Shoes.”

“The shoes that people find themselves in are often reflective of the lives they lead,” Feltman said.

Recording of the new CD follows closely on the heels of the band’s EP, “Making Music for the Crowd That Wasn’t There,” which was released in August.

“That was always kind of the intent — to figure out how we work in the studio. It was a practice run.”

The band features Jay Jeffries on bass, Jeff Sale on drums and percussion, and Pete Feltman on guitar, vocals, accordion, didgeridoo, Irish whistle, and more.

Asked whether the band is looking to make it in the big time, Feltman was philosophical.

“It’s a lifelong goal to be a musician, whether as a profession or a hobby,” Feltman said. “The life of a musician is rewarding in a sense that you’re doing what you want to do, but it’s incredibly hard work.”

For more information, visit - By JUDY DELPERDANG, of the Globe Gazette


"Making Music for the Crowd that Wasn't There" (EP) 2006

A six-song EP showcasing TSWG's earliest material.

In the studio currently working on their first LP.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It's a classic boy meets drummer, boy loses drummer, boy meets bass player, boy reunites with drummer fairy tale.

Pete met Jeff after a show he did in college. Jeff wanted to play with Pete. Pete listened to Jeff. Pete was impressed. They played together. Life was good. Then Pete moved away. Jeff was sad. Pete met Jay after a show in a new town. Pete asked Jay to play with him. Pete called Jeff to come and play with the both of them. Jeff said yes.

The following musical connection that took place is something that most musicians can only dream about.

Twenty Something White Guys’ music has been shown to induce listeners to begin spontaneously dancing atop any available surface; these guys provide enough soul to leave spiritual residue on your walls for several days afterward.