twenty weight

twenty weight


we sound like the bastard child of pantera and bob marley. a groove metal reggae band


twenty weight, a band that originated in key largo, moved to jacksonville with the sole intent of spreading their keys culture. the band combines the styles of groove metal and roots reggae to form a genre they have dubbed as "rocksteady metal".

20WT has just wrapped up production on their new record. "we were looking to create a record for the fans."- hooks. based on feedback from their 3 previous albums "metal dread" was born. the cover was designed by a fan who won the "draw a picture and get drunk w/ 20WT" contest. the unsigned band will be launching a nation wide press and radio campaign to promote "metal dread".

twenty weight has played w/ countless national acts and independently booked and promoted multiple east coast tours. "it was kinda of strange warming up steventyler. i remember when i was a little shit i used to dance in front of the t.v. every time "walk this way" came on."-wilson. virtually unaffected by crowd size, the band sticks to their mantra "we're gonna do what we do". when they step out onto the stage you can tell they're at home and the people instantly respond to their charisma. after talking to fans you get a sense that 20wt is a just a group of normal beer drinking bluecollar rufians that are really good @ playing music. the band commonly hosts open invitation bbQ's and holiday parties for their "peolpe".

they have developed a formula that works and is reflected in "metal dread". after years of nightclubs in different cities the group is ready for the next
step. this is a band that has made music for the love of music. never interested in trends, they're just three guys that grew up in the south listening to pantera and bob marley.


gasoline & styrofoam
out my window
in the tree there's a bird that sings

Set List

band can play 4 hrs of original and cover material