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"A Potato Head"

"I'm hungry for some potatos...the twice baked kind. From one performer to another, you guys have something. the kind of stage presence that people can't take their eyes (or ears) away from." - Liz

"Top Reason Guns N Roses cancelled Milwaukee Show"

"#1 reason that the Guns N Roses concert was cancelled tonight, is because it was outsold by local Twice Baked Potato's show at the Eisner Museum" "Looking for Twice Baked Potato tickets? Sold Out"

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- WLUM 102.1 Kramp & Adler

"Twice Baked Potato in a category all its own"

In a city over saturated with bands struggling to be the most emo, or the most hardcore, it can be hard to find a band that wants to be different.

Twice Baked Potato is one of those bands.

From its nonsensical biography about being born out of a UFO crash, to its dynamic sound that crosses musical genres, to that unforgettable name, Twice Baked Potato refuses to just "fit in."

A trio of guitar, bass and drums could be very limiting, if it lacked creativity. Stu Sundell-Norlin fronts the band with guitar and vocals, along with being their chief song-writer. Rounding out the rhythm section are Matt Misslich on bass, and Chad Burgess on the drums, with both doing background vocals and harmonies.

Together they blend styles best described as funk, jam-band and alternative rock, with the vibe of a live party band. Songs like "Later" and "Fat Chicks" land somewhere between groups as diverse as Sublime, Primus and Phish.

The group released a live album last fall, recorded at Milwaukee's own Yield, that showcases a tight group of songs performed with a crisp studio ability. At times it can be hard to even distinguish it as a live album because of the near flawless performance of the group. The band is currently finishing up its debut album, and can be seen at multiple bars and venues around the city. chatted with drummer Chad Burgess to learn more about the mysterious threesome that is Twice Baked Potato.

OMC: One of the ingredients of your band that is most initially memorable has got to be your name. How exactly did the name Twice Baked Potato come about?

Chad Burgess: There are many different stories surrounding our name, some completely fabricated, some just a little. My favorite version is that we always eat twice baked potatoes before each show. Or that we were stoned sitting around like couch potatoes trying to think of a name. We kind of like the element of the unknown. It gives others something to talk or argue about. What is the real story? Ask some of our fans 'cause we'll never tell.

OMC: The band has a very diverse sound that is not simple to describe, with many influences from all over the board. How would you sum up your unique style?

CB: We usually tell people what we don't sound like. We aren't rap, hip-hop, R&B, techno, metal, noise, goth, punk, '80s hair band, Celtic, etc. I'd say most of our influences come from '90s alternative, folk and jam bands. It kind of matters what song you're talking about. "Stone," for instance, is a more alternative song, with some technical guitar riffs and dark jams. Whereas one of our newer songs "Shotgun" has a bluegrass, country feel with gritty vocals. We've even branched out to a little reggae.

OMC: What continues to drive you as a band in a competitive scene like Milwaukee? What would you say sets you apart from other acts around?

CB: Milwaukee is saturated with hardcore, emo and rock bands. I think what drives us is the fact that we aren't one of those bands. We want to play whatever music comes to us at the time. It could be a country song or a slow ballad or even a harder alternative song. Either way we never want to conform to what everyone else is doing. All we really want to do is play music that inspires us and others. It's that simple.

OMC: Your first release was a live recording from the bar Yield. Is that a band favorite for local pubs, and how did you choose to cut an album there?

CB: We have been going to Yield pretty much since it opened. We loved the music they played and got to know the owners Bill and Z. They started doing live music on Tuesdays so we decided to get some shows booked. We have actually played quite a few shows there including last years Holiday Sweater party and the Halloween show, which officially was our "Live @ Yield" CD release. As far as the album, it just kind of worked out that Matt Misslich works at a 5th Floor Recording company so the owner was more than happy to help us out recording it.

OMC: Have you been working on any new recordings? If so, what can the listeners expect from your next project?

CB: We have actually been working a lot in the studio recently. I'm not going to give too much away but listeners can expect a diverse album. Stu has written some great new songs. One of which, dubbed "Dance De La Crab," was born in Jamaica with kind of a laid back relaxed feeling. Stu is a very situational and environmental writer, so with his new home in Telluride, Colo., I can foresee some great melodies and lyrics erupting.

OMC: Last but not least; what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? Does the band really eat them twice baked or do you prefer something more like mashed potatoes or fries?

CB: Twice Baked with, of course, some Wisconsin cheese. None better.



Redfella Records Grand Opening Extravaganza!
April 7th, 2007
Masonic Building Red Room

Stu Sundell-Norlin claims he doesn’t know how to build an A-Bomb. But that’s exactly what he and Twice Baked Potato dropped on Marquette, Michigan, April 7th. The combination of Stu’s zany, ear popping lyrics and tasty guitar riffs mixed with Matt Misslich’s funky flowing grooves and forcefully awkward stares at Stu made the show comedic and entertaining. Drummer Chad Burgess held the third pillar up with solid beats while sitting on a full sized Potato King’s Throne.

Halfway through the set, Stu and Matt decided to become percussionists alongside Chad. The trio displayed their all-around musical talent as Matt played on an extra drum set and Stu banged away on the bongo.

Come the last song, the crowd was still hungry for their new favorite form of starch. An encore broiled for ten minutes with the help of Redfella Andrew Lorinser and rockers from Chip Christy. By the time the set was done cookin’, the room was ripe with newly converted Potato Heads.
- Redfella Records – Andy Ferns

""Twice Baked Potato is simply delicious""

Milwaukee, believe it or not, has a rather vibrant local music scene, many bands with a gaggle of loyal followers. One emerging band, which is beginning to feel the Mil-Town love, is Twice Baked Potato.

Twice Baked Potato is comprised of Stu Sundell-Norlin, lead vocals and guitar; Chad burgess, drums; and Matt Misslich, bass. the trio officially started rocking fans in the summer of 2006. Since then they have traveled all over, including most of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Their sound mixes classic rock rhythms, jam band style and a hint of funk for some added spice.

Most recently I caught the group's showing at the Points East Pub where they opened for The Kissers. Having seen them play before, I knew what to expect and was not at all disappointed. Sundell-Norlin clearly has a masterful knowledge of the guitar and does more than strum a few well placed cords which brings the songs to life and creates an energy the crowd cannot escape.

Throughout their 12-song set, several songs stood out as crowd favorites. Among them is "Stone," which the guys played half-way through the set. It starts out sounding more like a Rocky "Eye of the Tiger" tribure than an original, but as the intro passes, the song evolves into a staccato jam. The only thing reminiscent of "Rocky" are the quick fingers the gents use to keep the song moving and upbeat.

Another favorite that elicited cheers of approval from the crowd, which is somewhat Phich-esque is "Fat Chicks." This song definitely has jam band flavor as teh guys break away from the lyrics and just play during the middle section of the song.

One pleased fan, Steve Haggar, a sophomore from St. Louis Park, Minn., says he's "seen them play before and they have kicked ass every time."

"I like that you can rock out to their music. It's really catchy," Haggar continues.

When asked if he would see Twice Baked Potato again, he says, "I'd definitely see them again. I haven't been disappointed in what they've been dishing out so far, so I'll keep following them around Milwaukee."

Twice Baked Potato has recoreded one CD so far called "Twice Baked Potatoes, Live at Yield," which is available for purchase at all of their shows.

If you're a newbie to the Milwaukee local music scene, Twice Baked Potato is a pretty safe band to start with.

Twice Baked Potato is scheduled to play at The Rave on April 28th. - UWM Post - Christy Brownfield


1) Twice Baked Potato - Live @ Yield 9-26-06

2) **Studio Album out Sept. 2007**



(History of Twice Baked Potato)

Sprouting in 2003, Stuart Sundell-Norlin left his homeland of Marquette, Michigan to escape a city without hairspray, cocoa beans, and comprehensive health insurance. Arriving in the decadent metropolis of Milwaukee, it didn't take him long to befriend Chad Burgess and Matt Misslich while attending one of the city's famous sawdust-swimming and cabinet-making parties. The three quickly became friends and formed a band due to their mutual interest in the study of the migration of alley cats.

In July 1947 a flying saucer named Spudnik crashed near the small town of Elephant Butte (actual town) in New Mexico. Inside, Federal agents discovered a strange tuber-like alien that resembled a Solanum tuberosum (common name: potato.) The starchy starpilot was subjected to countless lab tests, exposing it to high levels of environmentally safe intimate lubricants, which evoked a reaction of unimaginable power.

Inspired by the space-spud experiments, Stuart exposed his new band to dangerous levels of Ginseng, organic slippery elm bark, and a side of hops, mutating them into an unparalleled musical force.

As a result, Stu discovered that he could fold space just by bending his G-string (!) Matt gained the ability to hit a bass note capable of warping lunar orbits, imploding pulsars, and evacuating bowels. With his new powers, Chad could manipulate dolphins and the time continuum with a mere 4/4 with 16ths on the hats.

Alone they were mere carbon based mortals, but together they are the cosmically nubile TWICE BAKED POTATO