Twice Mine

Twice Mine

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Twice Mine is a rock band out of Tallahassee, FL. Drawing inspiration from such bands as Anberlin, Breaking Benjamin, and Paramore, Twice Mine exists for more than just music. Their music challenges one to think deeply about life and its meaning, coupling the message with unmatched musicianship.


Twice Mine was formed in December of 2008. Will Kearney the sometimes-lead guitarist and vocalist had been writing songs since January of 2008, and after toying with them acoustically for months finally decided that a full band route was the way to fully capture the sound he envisioned. After months of interviews, bailouts, and disappointments, Twice Mine was finally formed.

Austin Collins was the first member, playing the drums. His brother Alec joined shortly after, playing a mix of lead and rhythm guitar. Richard Needham played bass for a few months, and then was replaced with Steven Blackley when he had to drop out for school. After several local shows and after the majority of the recording was completed for Twice Mine's EP, Alec Collins left the band and was replaced by Clay Wilson, who worked on several tracks for the EP.

Recorded at RIAA Gold-certified Vision Sound Studios (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) with producer and sound engineer Daryl Phennegar, Twice Mine's EP "This Hopeless City" captures a dark, melodic tone found in other bands such as Skillet or Breaking Benjamin. The title track "This Hopeless City" causes the listener to envision a world teetering on the brink of destruction, and inspires them to ask "What would I do with my last moments on earth"?

With the completion of their promotional EP "This Hopeless City", Twice Mine looks to join the ranks of the rockers who are more interested in the difficulties of existentialism and pain than girls and alcohol. But don't let that fool you - Twice Mine is not a tame band, by any stretch of the imagination. "We like to have fun, and rock out really hard; people are genuinely surprised when they hear us for the first time, especially if they know us outside of a musical context...I've had a lot of people ask me after hearing the record for the first time, who the lead singer was. It is always a bit awkward to say that we're the ones on the track there."


Mouths of Lions

Written By: Will Kearney

You don’t wanna hear this but I’ll say it anyway
All that’s left is now forgotten; piece together all they’ve taken

Pull the plastic, rip the seams, serenity is overrated
There is truth left in this world with nothing left but liars to say it

I will not be silent anymore; I will lose this life to gain so much more
I will break free from the nightmare inside my head
I will awaken from this dreamless sleep of the dead
I will stand when all others turn and run; I am not afraid to fall
And when all is said and done, I will shut the mouths of lions
Shut the mouths of lions

Now the scales have fallen, I can finally see the way
Living here is hard enough when everything we know is broken

Pull the plastic rip the seams; Clarity is overrated
There is love left in this world; we need the strength to just believe it

This Hopeless City

Written By: Will Kearney

This emptiness is killing me; I can’t turn around without screaming
What is the reason? What is the reason?

I once was lost and dying; without a hand to hold
You illuminate my darkness; you mend my shattered soul
I’m overcome

Far away in fields of flame a dying man’s last wish is heard
Breathe life into this hollow shell of mine as this hopeless city burns

This broken heart is beating sanity’s requiem
You cancel my division, you make me whole again
I’m overcome

Come Back

Written By: Will Kearney

Won’t you find your way back home? I have not forsaken you
There’s a place for you to stay – don’t let pride get in your way

Come back, it seems your life has gone astray
Come back, I have the answer to your pain
Come back, this is a life or death issue
Come back, cause all I really want is you

It has been a bitter road filled with untold sorrow
But I’ve got good news to share – you may be dirty but I don’t care

Come back, I’ve missed you for so very long
Come back, I want to see you please come home
Come back, I want to see your face again
Come back, to have you I’d give anything

Even up to my own child; it’s enough just to see you


This Hopeless City EP (received airplay on Tallahassee's x101.5)
1) Mouths of Lions
2) Come Back
3) Hope is Rising
4) Abandoned
5) This Hopeless City
6) Hope is Rising (Acoustic)