Sticky dank! Simple in form and complex in texture, Twiddle is best inhaled live.


Twiddle is a virtuosi quartet of diverse Vermonters that throw down a shredding live performance... a blend of funktacular classicali-reggae, rock and jigsaw. Currently dominating the New England live music scene, Twiddle performs flowing lyrical nuggets and intricate compositions that have earned them a loyal and gihugeic following.

With complex time-signature changes and progressions, it's hard to believe that you are still reading this and not driving to twiddle's next show.


"Queen City Live"- 2005
"Eagle Rock Sessions"- 2006
"Natural Evolution of Consciousness"-2007

Twiddle can be heard on local radio throughout New England and on the nationally-syndicated "Dead Air" radio program. Podcasts via Doigman's Snackycast.

Set List

Twiddle plays a three-set live show. Setlists, which draw from a 100+ song arsenal, are always different and never repeated. Twiddle's plays their own original -compostions... with an occasional cover at the right moment.