TwiDDy and the Argonauts
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TwiDDy and the Argonauts

Band Rock Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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We have currently only produced a seven track demo cd but are working on an EP.



The band was first started almost two years ago with TwiDDy, Steven, and Kyle deep in a basement with a teenage dream of rock stardom. Since then, the only thing that changed was our drummer. It all started that fateful night almost two years ago when TwiDDy played such a loud, low, dissonant, bass chord that he tore a hole in time and space, traveling back to the time of Jason and the Argonauts in ancient Greece. In the simple act of knocking out a passer by to swap clothes so he could fit in, TwiDDy therein changed the course of history. Upon seeing him, Jason's crew mistook for Jason himself and hauled him abord their ship, the Argo, as they set sail on their quest for the Golden Fleece. TwiDDy, not having it in him to turn down an opportunity for adventure, kept quiet about his true identity and played along. I'm sure you've read about the rest...if not...then wikipedia it or something. Now, by the time of their return, TwiDDy had grown insatiably homesick. Since they now had the Golden Fleece in their possession, (it grants your greatest inner desires by the way) another hole was torn in time and space. However, the rift accidentally swallowed up three of his fellow Argonauts, transporting them back with him. Currently, they live in peace under false aliases: Heracles as Steven, Orpheus as Kyle, and Peleus as Trevor.