Twiggy and the Chaotic Space

Twiggy and the Chaotic Space



Twiggy play Interstellar Surf, a unique form of alt rock that pushes surf rock out to the final frontier. The band combines front man, David Lee Edward Mauck's (a.k.a Twiggy), cosmic presence and stream of conscious lyrical forms (often revolving around themes of surf and space) backed by a guitar driven rhythm section with some other-wordly synth sprinkled on top.

Twiggy and the Chaotic space began as a collaboration between Twiggy and Adam Golsen who met while attending the Academy of Contemporary Music in Oklahoma City. Golsen, smitten by Twiggy's amazing presence on stage and ability to craft quirky and original songs, made it his mission to record and put a band together for Twiggy. Enter the Chaotic Space: keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist Dylan Walling (of the band La Folle), drummer Charles Forquer, guitarist Adam Golsen, and bassist Tyco Tristan Hollaway.

Twiggy and the Chaotic Space recorded their first EP, Enter the Chaotic Space, and began playing shows in 2012.


Enter the Chaotic Space EP