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Italian actress and singer/songwriter Twila was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. She began her singing and acting career at the tender age of 5, studying and performing at The Children’s Theatre of Annapolis. At 10, she started writing her own plays and musicals, directing and performing them for her community. She was lead singer and guitarist of the folk mass in high school, and performed several annual benefit concerts for the church.

Classically trained with her 3+ octave range, Twila received a fine arts degree in Voice at The East Carolina University School of Music in Greenville, N.C., where she studied theory and composition and learned to sing in five languages. She also received a fine arts degree in Drama at the renowned Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. While attending both universities Twila supplemented her income by singing and playing the keyboard in local venues, and singing jingles and doing voice-overs for various radio stations. Gaining national attention for her vocal talent on the radio, Twila was asked to perform with country Hall of Fames’ Pee Wee King and Little Jimmy Dickens for several benefit concerts in Berea, KY.

In 1990, Twila landed her first break in the film industry in The White Girl, co-starring with Don Hannah, (Daryl’s brother) and was honored with a Certificate of Distinguished Citizenship award by the mayor of Annapolis. Her other film credits include Claudia in Road to Revenge, with Wings Hauser and William Smith , Karen in The Flesh Merchant, Vanessa in The Being Eternal, Juliet in Medium Hot, Maria in The Soul of Slaves, Ariel in Shadows Behind Me, and a police woman in the thriller, Zipperface. Her television credits include the comedic role of heiress Victoria on the HBO episode, Divorce Law, several comedic appearances on The Byron Allen Show, and a docudrama reenactment on Hard Copy. She has also performed in several Off-Off Broadway productions in New York City.

Twila wrote the lyrics and music for her debut CD, Welcome to the Twila Zone, a compilation of mainstream music which was released in 2003 on her own label, Tasmanian Records.

Currently Twila is writing and producing her second CD, Blak & Bluz. In 2004, Twila was awarded for her excellence in songwriting in the Hip-Hop/R&B category by “SONG OF THE YEAR”, an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation, . Los Angeles radio stations KLOS FM 95.5 and KLSX FM 97.1, as well as various other stations along both coasts and now several countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, are faithfully playing songs from both Welcome to the Twila Zone and from her R&B Promo CD, Blak & Bluz. Twila’s music can also be heard and purchased on iTunes, Rhapsody, MSN Music worldwide, Yahoo Music, and The Full-length Blak & Bluz CD is due to be released in the spring of 2006. Thus far, Twila has donated more than 2,000 of her CD’s to our troops in Iraq.


Why'd You Leave Me?

Written By: Twila

Why’d You Leave Me?

I can hear you callin’ out my name
Faintly through the clouds
You said you won’t be comin’ back again
Although I have my doubt

I hear our song on the radio
Playin’ soft and low
Dedicated to the one I know
But from some other love

Why’d you leave me in the cold?
Just to tease me - You had my soul
Why’d you leave me for someone else?
How you pleased me, now you please yourself
Why’d you leave? Why’d you leave?

The wind is blowin’
The trees are bare
The birds nowhere to be seen
I can feel your fingers through my hair
The way it used to be

The house is empty not a soul in sight
The curtains have been drawn
It’s dark and lonely when I say goodnight
‘cause you’re not comin’ home


I’ll haunt you day and night
And leave a scar
You can’t escape my plight
I’ll never be too far

Chorus 2
Why’d you leave me in the dark?
You know you need me - I know who you are
Why’d you leave me for someone new
How you teased me, and left me blue
Why’d you leave? Why’d you leave?

Lyrics and Music by Twila 3/04

Don't come Crying

Written By: Twila

DON’T COME CRYING 3.49 (Twila)

You came on so strong
Saying all those wonderful things
You said nothing could go wrong
That it wasn’t just a fling

You led me to believe
You had no feelings left for her
That we were meant to be
And I could feel secure

Don’t come crying to me when she leaves
Don’t come crying (repeat chorus)

I hope you’re happy now
Back in her arms again
What goes around comes around
And soon you’ll feel your pain

You came on so strong
And led me to believe
So I wrote you a love song
Then you turned around to leave


You just wait it won’t be long before you realize
You’ve made a grave mistake
You’ll think of me, you’ll dream of me – wait and see
And your heart will ache


Can't Get You

Written By: Twila

Can’t Get You

Can’t get you outa my mind
Think about you all the time
Can’t get you outa my head
‘cause I don’t wanna forget

I need your sweet caress
You’ve got me so possessed
Without you I’m blind
Can’t see the light


All I ask is that you stay with me
Through all eternity
Without you I’m dyin’
Without me you’re lyin’


Don’t you remember what you said to me
About our lives of destiny
You held my hand, said you loved me with tears
Showed no emotion of anger nor fear
I just want to have you hold me so near

In My Cocoon

Written By: Twila

In my cocoon

There once was a time I felt I had it all
Knew just where to crawl to feel safe
Like a stone I would stay
Day after day
I was so brave, didn’t know I had it made

In my younger days I was a movie star
Knew I’d go far someday
No mountains to climb
No limit of time
No reason nor rhyme, so they say

In my cocoon I hadn’t a care in the world
I’d sing and I’d dream, I was the perfect girl
I’d doll up with ribbons and curls
In my cocoon
I was the world

I’ve become fearless, careless,
Reckless, emotionless
So numb I’ve become
I feel nothing at all
No pain, no hate, no blame, no shame


Now I’m someone I don’t really know
Don’t know how I got here
Don’t know where to go
All I really know
How safe is my cocoon


My debut CD, "Welcome to the Twila Zone", consisiting of 13 original songs, was released in 2004 and has had a good deal of airplay. My 2nd CD, "Blak & Bluz", is due to be released in the spring of 2006; however, i have had the Promo 3-song CD played on radio stations in Los Angeles (KLOS 95.5FM) and quite a few other stations worldwide. My newly released blues songs, Can You (See Me Now) and Why'd You Leave Me? have been nominated in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

Set List

i do mostly my originals and a few cover tunes (some old Mother's Finest remakes). we have a 75-minute set thus far. R&B/Blues genre.