Twilight Broadcast

Twilight Broadcast

 Austin, Texas, USA

Sometimes we bring the Funk. Sometimes we get angry and rock out. Sometimes we get all sensitive on you and strum pretty chords on acoustic guitars. Sometimes we even tell jokes over disco grooves. Lots of harmony. Lots of energy. Lots of fun.


Twilight Broadcast's 2009 self released debut album was recorded over the course of a year at A-Valve Studios in Austin, TX. The record, aptly titled "Variety Show", contains 14 songs which showcase not only their craftsmanship as songwriters, but also the breadth of genres in which they feel at home. Variety Show exhibits lean, earnest songs composed in bedrooms fattened and hyperbolized by means of strings, horns, and walls of vocal harmony. The CD Release Party for this acclaimed first album sold out the historic Stubb's.


Vital Signs

Written By: Nick Drozdowicz

The atmospheric pressure is dropping
Sons of Adam and daughters of Eve
Greet the snowfall laughing
And play outside in shirtsleeves
ignore their mothers' warnings that they'll freeze
The atmospheric pressure's dropping
Daughters of Prada and sons of the drink
Greet the winter scoffing
Insisting they've outgrown such things
And still ignore their mothers' warnings

Save me a dance cause this won't last much longer
Faith is no match for patterned past
Kids grow up

How rapidly blood pressure rises
Fathers of Adam and mothers of Eve
Greet their forties pining
For fancy cars and palm trees
And wonder where their children learned such greed

Save me a dance cause this won't last much longer
Faith is no match for patterned past
Kids grow up

It's rising blood pressure's rising (repeat)

Slowly vital signs are failing
Ribs of Adam and Apples of Eve
Greet the winter softly
And count their fading heartbeats
As children's voices lull them off to sleep

The atmospheric pressure's dropping
Sons of Adam and daughters of Eve

Too Far Gone

Written By: Nick Drozdowicz

From the Draft house
Headed downtown
I have slept-walked down Lamar
With measured paces
Bored and graceless
Something spewing from my heart

A cavalcade
of dreams so strange
Bearing down on
Sparse and scattered
Hours that are passing while I sleep

I'm too far gone to wake up anymore

Sharing covers
With ghosts and lovers
I have dreamt such lucid dreams
Of frail forgiveness and MX missles
Coasting gently on the breeze

A strained reprise
Of waking life
In paint and static
With faint erratic fractured lines of plot

I'm too far gone to wake up anymore

I dream in Betamax
On a 12-inch screen with a headphone jack

I dream in Hi-Fi sound
synced up to the picture while the record goes around

I dream in colored lights
Mosaic-like images of wrong and right

I dream in still frame shots
Of stop time animation in letterbox

I'm to far gone to wake up anymore


Written By: Drew Thomas

isn't it crazy that you never know you're sleeping but you always know when you're awake. I guess it doesn't really matter if you're dreaming about falling cause the time and place is fake. But Freud said it's not just in your head, that the conscious and subconscious collide. But my egos agree only occasionally the countdown begins with 5..4..3..2..1 I'm almost gone, falling asleep, maybe…maybe… maybe I'll just read. And everything always seems to be in threes but if I was a wolf I'd like my bacon pre-wrapped please. I am too tired to blow down bricks or trees. So I'll just count to five because it helps me sleep, I do not have the privileges of little bo peep. She can always rely on counting sheep. I kick my sheets down they're lying in a heep. 5..4..3..2..1 I'm almost gone, falling asleep, maybe…maybe… maybe I'll just read or breathe slowly, slowly
I tried to sleep I was denied so maybe I'll just go outside and listen to the slapping sound of summer rain hitting the ground. Maybe in an hour or two I'll find the strength to make it through the night. Up on a rooftop all covered in rain feeds my factory of thoughts and maybe they're all insane. The capital's glowing all my doors are open now. Maybe I should open some windows too, but if the windows were the clouds then I couldn't get through. There are too many they try to pin me down. And isn't crazy how sometimes you think you're dreaming but you really know that you're outdoors. And isn't it strange how we try to rearrange the world in similes and metaphors for example: across the lake lights are scarcely scattered in the night like illuminated landings for alien flights, but when I close my spheres it will disappear, the countdown begins with 5..4..3..2..1 I'm almost gone, falling asleep, maybe…maybe… maybe I'll just breathe 5..4..3..2 slowly…


Footnotes to Plato (E.P.)
2001, self-released

"Vital Signs" and "Too Much to Lose" included on
Lawrence University Pop Compilation
2006, independently released

Vital Signs E.P.
2007, self-release

Variety Show
2009, Tiny Hawk Records

Set List

Typical sets range from 45 minutes to three hours.

Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
Johnny Be Good by Chuck Berry
Aint no Sunshine by Bill Withers
The Luckiest by Ben Folds
Come Together by the Beatles

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Vital Signs
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Too Far Gone
April's Leaving
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Twilight Broadcast
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Walking Dead
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