Twilight Dementia

Twilight Dementia


Indulgent, psychedelic and atmospheric rock that fuses 70s rock with ethereal audioscapes


Twilight Dementia’s music is a testament to the strength of partnership and that the whole is often much more than the sum of its parts. Their debut, self-titled album, Twilight Dementia, is a bold and daring statement of purpose that demonstrates the group’s unwillingness to play anyone’s game other than their own. The Washington D.C. based duo’s engrossingly atmospheric and ethereal rock is the product of a duo that seemed destined to find each other.

Formed in 2006, Twilight Dementia is comprised of Jennifer Mendiola on vocals and John Krauss on guitars, bass, keyboards and programming. Their influences include Lunascape, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Portishead, and Pink Floyd, among others.

One of the most noteworthy tracks in the album is Twelve Oceans, a lush and dreamy soundscape, fueled by John’s sensual, swirling guitars, and Jennifer’s lilting, siren-like vocals. The combined elements help to lure the listener into an almost-melancholic state of tranquility. The chemistry felt by the duo on this first song, would set the tone, but not a template, for the songs which followed.

Other noteworthy tracks on the album are their single, Good Enough, Lullaby, Deliverance, Midnight Charade, Matter Of Time, and reinterpretations of Gimme Shelter (originally by the Rolling Stones), and A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (originally by Bob Dylan).


Twelve Oceans

Written By: Jennifer Mendiola/John Krauss


Love, hear me, heal me
Hear me, heal me

Drowning all away
Fading all away
Lost in your love

Matter Of Time

Written By: Jennifer Mendiola/John Krauss


Underneath, a sigh
Covers all delusions
When paranoia wakes me
You creep into my mind

You're closing in
It's just a matter of time
Till I'm locked away
Inside your twisted fantasies

Soul into the fire
Caught in your inferno
Just when I feel like it's over
You violate my senses
(repeat chorus)

Sinister gazes
Echoing within me
How do I escape you

Failing to support
The weight of my desperation
Stumbling, tumbling down
Leaving an imprint of my agony
With each jagged rock
My battered soul collides with
Stumbling, tumbling down
Till all that's left of me
Is a heap of blood and bruises
Your demons so eagerly devour

Underneath, a sigh
Colors this intrusion
And when your whispers caress me
You leave me paralyzed

Soul into the fire
Caught in your inferno
Just when I feel like it's over
You violate my senses
(repeat chorus)

Midnight Charade

Written By: Jennifer Mendiola/John Krauss


Tonight, I lay down on
A bed of my own disillusion
Behind a wall of flames
Cascading down upon love's coals

Deny all the truth I found
Under the light
To be with you another night
To be with you and dull the pain
That kills me slowly

Can we start over
Now that all the love's gone cold
And I can't feel this feeling without you
Then maybe all the lies I've told
Would come undone and I can breathe
I can breathe

Tonight, I'm drowning in
A sea of hostile revelations
And I would give it all
To keep believing that I still love you

Defy all the rules in your
Midnight charade
To be with you another day
To lose it all and let the pain
Just kill me slowly
(repeat chorus)

Wake me, save me
I'm drowning in my disillusion
Wake me, save me
Make me breathe again
(repeat chorus)

I can breathe (repeat 3x)

Good Enough

Written By: Jennifer Mendiola/John Krauss


Step into the lie
You've told a million times
I'm all alone in here
Saw the light in your eyes
Fade away from my view
Love just disappeared

The sky is falling
What have I done

All this time I wonder
Was I never good enough
Tried to love you but it seems
I'm never good enough

Come into the bitter end
Of this deception
Oh, the truth's so clear
Can't believe I let you do
What you did to me
All this time

My tears are falling
What have I become
(repeat chorus)

The sky is falling
Down, down, down
See what I've become
(repeat chorus)


Written By: Jennifer Mendiola and John Krauss


So tired of waking up
In a world that's headed for destruction
Didn't wanna be left in the dark
So I found myself a crowd to follow
Gave it all I got and still
I'm breaking under all this tension
Nothing's right
Guess I'll have to
Face the world alone
Till I feel like I belong

Oh, I long to live in a world
Where hearts won't ever feel rejected
One day in a world where the lost
Can finally find the right direction
Hold on to a dream
That can never be real, but I'm still
Hanging on
Hanging on
Staring at the sun
Till the light no longer blinds me

Another day gone by
And I watched it all go wasted
Another innocent soul died
I wish I could have saved him
Another savior pushed aside
'Cause no one cares
That we're all just falling away

Spending all our lives on the run
From the monsters we ourselves created
Crucified and shamed in a nightmare
We can never be awakened
Feel the venom pulsing
Through our veins
Killing all
Sparing none
I don't wanna die
Knowing I could have it all

All the world is an oasis
Lying, waiting for deliverance

No Way Out

Written By: Jennifer Mendiola and John Krauss


I saw your crime
Turn tides to scarlet
A way for me
To reveal the secrets of your life

Cold hands held tight
The blame could be mine
And all these stains
Would fade over time

It might awaken a soul looking for
A way out from under the cold
You can't get away, there's no way
So just give it up, give it up
Let it go

I saw a ghost
Descend into Hades
Too much for me to understand
This crazy situation

A long way down
Over the wall
The solid ground
Will break your fall
(repeat chorus)

You know you're gonna be found
You're gonna be found
There's no way out
You're gonna be found
(repeat chorus twice)


Twilight Dementia (full length album)